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Top Star Trek Geocoins

written by: Kristina Dems•edited by: Linda Richter•updated: 3/30/2011

Star Trek geocoins are collectibles found in geocaches. They feature concepts from the Star Trek movies and TV shows. You'll find them in a variety of colors and designs, beginning with these favorites.

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    Geocaching is a popular hobby that involves searching for caches of various items located in random locations all over the world. This is the modern-age version of treasure hunting using GPS systems and devices. Geocoins are popular types of loot found in geocaches and they come in a multitude of designs, including those that feature pop culture images and concepts. One of these types of pop culture geocoins is the wide variety of Star Trek geocoins. Here are some of the most popular designs of these collectibles.

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    Geo Trek Geocoin Nickel and Antique Silver

    Geo Trek Geocoin Nickel and Antique Silver This geocoin comes in two variations. The first is made of nickel while the other is made of antique silver. Other than the material used, they are pretty much the same geocoin. They have the unusual shape that resembles the badges of Federation officers found in the Star Trek movies and TV shows. These badges look like the head of a fish facing upwards. The front of the geocoins have a simple mark of Geo Trek while at the back, the words “Cache Long and Prosper” and a URL where the geocoins can be tracked. These words are a play on the Star Trek character Spock's signature greeting of “Live Long and Prosper”.

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    The Federation Geocoin

    Star Trek related THE FEDERATION Geocoin This geocoin is in the usual circular shape found in most geocoins. It features the logo of the Federation from the Star Trek movies and TV shows and the words “Boldly going where others have gone before”, a play on the popular mission statement of the Star Trek crew which is “To boldly go where no man has gone before”. It uses black and gray colors that give the geocoin a futuristic and interstellar look and feel.

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    Star Trek 1701eh

    Star Trek 1701eh This trackable geocoin features an image of the United Space Ship Enterprise, the famous star ship from the Star Trek movies and TV shows. It also features the words “Boldly caching through the heavens... 1701eh” and a red maple leaf. The goal of this item is quite colorful because it is patterned after the mission statement of the Star Trek crew, which is to explore regions of space, the final frontier, and to boldy go where no man has gone before. Of course, the goal of the geocoin is modified a bit to say that it will boldly go where no man has gone before in different countries. It adds to the element of fun in geocaching.

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    Star Trek Lingon Cloaking Device Copper Geocoin

    Star Trek Lingon Cloaking Device Copper Geocoin This six-sided polygon geocoin features a design that emulates a Klingon cloaking device. It is designed to please fans of the Star Trek franchise who are also into geocaching. It is a trackable geocoin that has a unique look thanks to its shape, design and antique copper body. People who are not familiar with Star Trek lore may not be able to appreciate the design of this geocoin, but for Star Trek fans, this is a really cool collectible.

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    These four Star Trek geocoins add color to geocaches and provide an extra fun element in collecting geocoins and participating in geocaching activities for Star Trek fans. They can be tracked and passed on to other geocachers or stored and kept for private geocoin collections.

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