Geocoin Storage Suggestions: Where to Keep Your Geocoins

Geocoin Storage Suggestions: Where to Keep Your Geocoins
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Geocoin storage is important if you want your geocoins to last a lifetime. Not all geocoins can be kept for one’s self, but for those geocoins that can be kept, once found in geocaching sessions, proper storage for these very collectible items should be provided. Here are some storage suggestions for your geocoins.

The Classic Solution

The most obvious storage for any small collectible item is a box. Whether it is a wooden box or a cardboard box, any type of square or rectangular enclosure can function as a good storage solution for geocoins, especially if you have a lot. However, this is not a very efficient option if you would like to show off your geocoins to people. A box is only ideal if you want to put away your geocoins that you would not want to put on display or if you do not want to organize them in any manner. Stashing them all in a box may not be the most elegant solution but it works.

Coin Sheets

If you have a large geocoin collection and you want people to have easy viewing access to them, you can use coin sheets as storage. Coin

Geocoin storage

sheets can lay out geocoins for easy viewing with 20 coins per sheet. You can use a binder to keep sheets together, effectively creating a big book of geocoins. This makes your collection easily portable, making it a good prop during parties, gatherings, family visits and even geocaching events. They can become pretty heavy if you stuff too many sheets in one binder, so keep that in mind when organizing your collection. The coin storage sheets at the right come from Amazon, with 20 sheets available for $7.73.


If you want to show off your coins and let people handle them individually without letting the geocoins get dirty, you can put geocoins in clear

Geocoin plastic sleeve

pouches. This will allow people to view and hold your geocoins individually without letting dirt or any kind of substance defile them. You can also use non-clear pouches made of cloth or other materials to keep your coins in one place that can easily be handled and stored in a more secure place at your convenience. Pouches give you the chance to handle your geocoins while still providing a measure of protection for them. Those pictured at the right are available are available from, 100 for $16.99.

Coin Flips

Plastic containers called coin flips are usually the first storage your geocoins are stored in when they are shipped. Other types of coins that you


acquire may use other forms of storage. If they are strong enough like coin flips, you can stay with that form and make use of it as your coins’ storage. This will save you money and effort. You can buy 100 on Amazon for $5.50.


For a more permanent geocoin storage option, you can use glass cases with wooden frames. This enshrines your trackable geocoins permanently behind glass, forever keeping them away from the elements and human hands. This is perfect for you if you want to display them at a permanent location which can include your desk or wall. Putting your geocoins in glass cases and wooden frames means you can never handle them again, so make sure that you apply this method to the most special and rare geocoins in your collection. If you have the skills, you can create a display case yourself or you can have professionals do it for you.

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