Real Time GPS Tracking Equipment for Personal Use: Top 4 GPS Trackers

Real Time GPS Tracking Equipment for Personal Use: Top 4 GPS Trackers
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There are many real time GPS tracking equipment in the market place for persons who wish for various personal solutions. The checklist could include:

  • protecting property.
  • monitoring and finding assets.
  • tracking where teenage drivers are going or where they’ve stopped.
  • tracking an elderly family member, especially if that person tends to be forgetful.
  • tracking and monitoring pets.
  • hiking and cross country driving.

If any of these pointers are a concern for you then you should know that there are several real time solutions that may be of use to you. We are going to examine some real time solutions in the personal category. For business use check here GPS Fleet Tracking Systems.

Real Time GPS Tracking for Personal Use

There are many real time GPS tracking equipment for personal use. However, these are the least expensive options on the market right now, which gets the job done.

SPOT Personal Tracker

From a personal standpoint, this tracker is a very good outdoor tracker. It functions as a real time tracker which can alert your network as to your precise location and enables whoever you designate as part of your network to track your progress in real time and best of all it sends GPS coordinates and distress messages to an Emergency Response Center so that you can get help if there is the need for it.

It can be used for anyone with a zeal for adventure and outdoor sports. Not only that, it is highly rated by sport lovers including climbers, skiers and sailboarders. It is also used and appreciated by business travelers, archaeologists, pilots and quite a few other persons besides. Spot is an international tracker, it works around the world from Africa to Asia and mostly all of the US, Canada and Australia.

How does it work? Spot requires two AA lithium batteries, the battery life varies depending on the mode that you are using it in. On 911 mode it can last for up to seven days. This is a rugged piece of real time GPS equipment, the casing is water resistant and it can work in rough weather conditions. It is a very small piece of equipment and weighs 7.37 ounces. After purchasing a Spot, the price is currently $96.62 on Amazon, you will have to purchase a service plan. Note: There are some businesses which use this particular tracking device too.

Audiovox ECCO

Audiovox ECCO Personal Pocket GPS Locator

This real time locator is a pretty simple equipment, shaped like a key ring it can be carried in your pocket or hang on your car keys, some persons even wear it on their belts or clip it inside backpacks. To start using, the user has to designate their current location by pushing the “lock” button to store their location. When they are ready to return then they hit the “return” button and ECCO will act as a precise guide. It charges in an hour and a half via USB and gives the typical user about 8-10 hours of battery life. Price: $55.99 on Amazon.

Garmin Forerunner 205

Garmin Forerunner 205 GPS Receiver and Sports Watch

Very highly rated, multi-purpose and sensitive watch from Garmin. It is said to be very sensitive where GPS reception is concerned. It operated like a training assistant; it monitors heart rate, speed, distance and pace data. It is used for quite a few sports including rough and tumble ones, like wind surfing and cross-country skiing. The Forerunner has some basic mapping, routing and waypoint marking.Similar to the ECOO it has a “go to location” feature that takes you back to the defined location. Price on Amazon is $117.13

There are a host of real time GPS tracking equipment to choose from in the marketplace. No doubt, you will have to review several that will suit your individual needs. However, if you are very interested in what is happening in the here and now you will have to choose a real time/sensitive GPS equipment.


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