Micro GPS Chip for Theft Recovery: A Quick Lesson on the Micro GPS Chip

About the Chip

Micro Chip

Micro GPS chips are tiny devices used to receive and transmit GPS signals in very specific circumstances. These are powerful chips that function at very high levels to detect very low and intermittent signals. Micro chips are used for a number of different situations; for example, they are used as a cell phone tracker and for personal (human) tracking. First, let's explore the mechanism behind how the micro GPS chip for theft recovery works.


The micro GPS chip is an electronic locator device that receives GPS signals from GPS satellites and transmits positional data to a controlling device – this can be either a PC or cell phone with Internet connectivity. GPS tracking software is installed to the controller device to enable proper GPS tracking of the chip. These micro chips are recoverable by either a controller device (usually over far distances) or an electronic scanner or detector (in direct range).

Recovering Information

Micro GPS chips are primarily installed to things of important value; they provides GPS data on an object’s

cell phone tracker.

location and heading. Through this, they can provide protection, data retrieval or tracking. Here are some ways micro GPS chips for theft recovery helps.

Cell Phone Tracker – These are self-contained GPS micro chips that are installed to cell phones to provide positional (tracking and navigation) data of the cell phone and its user, as well as show the phones' daily communication activity. The micro GPS chip transmits data to a PC or cell phone with built-in GPS technology in the form of an e-mail, text message or graphical representation/map.

Criminal Tracker – These GPS microchips are implanted in humans by means of a high-powered sniper rifle. Law enforcement officials are reported to having access to a GPS tracking mechanism that is used to implant these micro GPS chips in the human body through means of a highly sophisticated, highly powered sniper rifle. The impact of the micro chip upon contact is said to have little effect – the hit is comparable to that of a mosquito bite and the effect of implantation is said to be harmless causing no internal damage. This way, a thief can be shot at a distance, possibly unnoticed and later identified by GPS satellite technology.

The micro GPS chip for theft recovery is just as effective in providing GPS data as that of other hi-tech GPS tracking devices. Their small size makes them highly resourceful, however, their function may seem a bit limited as compared to the portable or vehicle GPS tracker. There are many concerns regarding usage of these microchips – for persons who want to affix GPS microchips to cell phones, there are laws that constitute the terms under which this should be done – both parties must be aware that the phone is rigged with the Micro GPS Chip. Want to know more? Read the article on Cell Phone Trackers.