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Review of Medical GPS Trackers

written by: DeborahWoehr•edited by: Linda Richter•updated: 2/12/2011

Do you have an elderly parent that you need to watch? Perhaps your health problems limit your mobility, making it hard to get to a phone. Whatever your situation is, these four medical gps trackers may help you. Read on to learn more about them.

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    The Gemtek Personal Tracking Device

    Photo Credit: LifeAssist The Gemtek Personal Tracking Device allows you to track the position of a loved one in real-time through the Internet or by placing a phone call. For example, you place the Gemtek device on your elderly parent. Then, if the two of you go to a park or the mall and get separated, all you have to do is click a button or make a phone call. The SOS button will send an alert notification to multiple contacts in the event that your parent disappears from the predefined area.

    Other features include a Geofence or “safety zone” feature that will let you define an area, two speed-dial buttons for you to program two predetermined numbers, a dedicated call center, 24-hour access to the Gemtek online interface, a tri-band modem for worldwide coverage, and a rechargeable battery with a 22-hour capacity. The price is $44.95 per month.

    Source: LifeAssist

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    BrickHouse Alert Home with Fall Detection

    Photo Credit: BrickhouseSecurity The BrickHouse Alert Home with Fall Detection is the first medical alert system with an automatic fall detector. If you or your loved one is using this and should fall, the detector will help. It also has a personal panic button and a home monitoring system.

    The price is $99.95. Payment plans are also available. The 3-month plan is $29.95 per month, and the 12-month is $24.95 per month.

    Source: BrickhouseSecurity

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    The Cellular Medical Alarm w/GPS

    Photo Credit: Lifewatch-USA The Cellular Medical Alarm w/GPS will help you track your loved ones, wherever they are. It is very similar to the Gemtek in what it offers. The features include one speed-dial button, a dedicated call center, 24-hour access to the Lifewatch Cellular Medical Alarm online interface, a tri-band modem for worldwide coverage, and a rechargeable battery with a 48-hour capacity.

    You can get a free month of medical alert system monitoring. It also comes with two payment plans. The $34.95 per month plan gives you Emergency Out only and no other fees. The $39.95 per month plan includes 75 Internet locates, Emergency Out only and no other fees.

    Source: Lifewatch-USA

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    The Medical Alarm Kit

    Photo Credit: The Medical Alarm Kit is another monitoring system that will help alert medical personnel should you experience a fall within your home. Each kit includes a base unit, plus a waterproof emergency button with a wrist, clip-on or traditional pendant option. Braille characters for emergency, home and clear functions are also available in this kit. It installs in minutes, and has a 32-72 hour battery backup. The price is $29.95 per month, with no long-term contract or set-up fees.

    Source: The Medical Alert Store

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    These units will give you a start in looking for a medical GPS tracker that will suit your needs or those of your loved ones. If you have any experience using these products, please let us know how you liked or disliked them.