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GPS Invisible Fence Dog Collar Buying Guide & Recommendations

written by: Daniel P. McGoldrick•edited by: Rhonda Callow•updated: 5/27/2011

A GPS invisible fence dog collar is a new concept which keeps your dog in a wireless perimeter. As you’ll see in this buying guide with recommendations, some offer the ability to shock the dog and some don’t. We’ve assembled essentially all that are available to make you an informed consumer.

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    RoamEO GPS Dog Collar Tracking System

    IRomEO f you’re looking for a GPS invisible fence dog collar, the RoamEO Dog GPS Location System is a top notch product that gives you far more useful features than just a GPS invisible fence. This system features a portable, handheld receiver which displays the location of the GPS enabled collar worn by your pet. The 320 x 460 pixel color LCD screen shows not only the location, but the direction and velocity as well, because how many times will a dog with new found freedom be found standing still? When they bolt, it’s an endless highway of new and intriguing smells and nasty stuff to roll around in.

    The receiver is updated every few seconds to give you a continuous feed of real time information when you're out there trying to retrieve your wayward retriever. The collar is light, waterproof, and fits the majority of dogs except for your really small breeds and puppies. The system allows you to set up the invisible fence anywhere you see fit. That way, when your dog leaves that digital perimeter, the system immediately notifies you with an audible alert on the receiver. The dog doesn’t get warned or shocked from the collar and some pet owners would prefer that. You can set up a new “geofence" anywhere you go so it’s not laid in stone like a traditional electric fence that shocks your dog when it nears the perimeter. All you need do to set the fence is walk the perimeter while programming the receiver.

    The system is ready to go out of the box, no hardware or software is necessary, you need only adjust the collar. Many dog owners have raved about this product, how easy it is to set up and use, and its ability to keep tabs on the canine members of their families (it can track up to three dogs at a time). Currently it is listed for $430 on with various accoutrements included. There are no monthly service subscriptions to pay after you buy it.

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    SpotLight GPS Dog Collar

    SpotLight SpotLight GPS is another outstanding product to keep you dog in a virtual perimeter and easily track them when they’re outside of it. As you’ll glean in this review of the SpotLight GPS, this system is loaded with features. The SpotLight GPS invisible fence dog collar doesn't administer any shock to the dog either. Creating the virtual fence is a simple process by walking the desired perimeter with the transmitter to input virtual fence posts. You'll want to read the review linked above to learn about the other great features including the outstanding ability to track a dog in the event they're on the run (the collar will actually light up in the dark). This is a great system which most users are satisfied with, especially since the cost of installing a traditional invisible unit is far greater than the cost of SpotLight which runs for about $250 on

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    PetSafe Wireless Fence System PIF-300

    PetSafe Wireless Fence The PetSafe Wireless Fence System is another option utilizing this virtual geofencing technology although there are some constraints and limitations that should be considered. Unlike the previous two products which allow for large perimeters, your PetSafe perimeter will only cover about .5 acres and these are circular boundaries. Also unlike the others, this uses disposable 6 volt batteries rather than rechargeable batteries. However, the perimeter is easy to set up and relocate with this system. Plus it gives a warning beep and a static shock when the dog approaches the barrier. With all that said, if you look at this product on, where it retails for $280, you’ll see that out of roughly 230 reviews of it by consumers who bought it, 170 give it 4 and 5 star ratings. You’ll note the price is a lot less than RoamEO and in the ballpark with SpotLight, but remember the PetSafe system offers none of the great features for locating a lost dog.

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    Global Pet Finder GPS Pet Tracker

    globalpetfinder This particular GPS invisible fence dog collar only alerts pet owners when the dog is outside the defined geofence and therefore doesn't warn or shock the dog. But it combines the GPS tracking collar with cellular wireless technology to locate your dog by sending its location to your phone or PDA. The collar is water-resistant (not waterproof like the others) and uses 3 rechargeable AAA batteries. It retails for $350 on Simply put, this is not a good option as there are far too many flaws to even bother listing and as you’ll see from the Amazon customer reviews, there is an overwhelming majority of unsatisfied customers. But seeing as there aren’t a whole lot of options on the market yet with this kind of technology, we felt obliged to include it here. There is a decent selection of GPS dog collars that don’t offer geofencing options if you want to see what’s available in that category.

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    Zoombak Advanced GPS Dog Collar

    Zoombak This is one of the cheapest models you'll find. Therefore, it's rather basic and no frills, but it certainly delivers on what it’s designed to do. But you can input safety zones at home or in parks, which is essentially the GPS "geofence" we've been talking about. The zones (you can set up to 10) are relatively easy to set up with this unit that attaches to a standard dog collar. When your dog strays beyond the safety zone, you're alerted via email, text message, or both if you want to set it up that way. This collar does no warning or shocking, it only lets the owner know about strayed pets and where they are, using the GPS locator on the collar. If you’re interested, you can use a history function to learn about all the places your pet has been travelling. It runs for about $225 on There is also a monthly fee of about $15 at the time of this writing. The Zoombak is a real solid unit for the money, and as you'll see on Amazon, out of 175 customer reviews, about 100 put it at a 4 or 5 star rating.

    So there you have it, you're now fully informed about all your options when you want to buy a GPS invisible fence dog collar for that cherished pooch of yours. We wish you the best of luck and keep in mind that here at Bright Hub, we always appreciate it when someone drops a line with their own personal experiences with any of these products, we're all about sharing useful information.