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Always Fresh Containers Review: Keep Food Fresh Longer

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If you happen to read reviews on Always Fresh Containers as seen on TV, you will see to a variety of comments with ratings that range from excellent to “not worth the money.” Yes, there are a lot of similar plastic containers sold on the market that promise to offer the same benefits that Always Fresh Containers will deliver. Products such as Ziploc bags come to mind and are the favorite of those who want to store food in the refrigerator.

But are Always Fresh Containers worthy of your hard earned money? It will depend on how you intend to use the product. You have to understand a few facts about the product as a lot of the reported features and capabilities are considered marketing hype by most.

Always Fresh Containers are actually a container version of the Debby Meyer Green Bags- the same as seen on TV product that promises to keep food fresh longer.The Green Bags were designed to be reusable and easy to handle and capable of keeping fruits and vegetables fresh for up to 30 days. We all know that this is just a claim but it will keep food fresh for 7 days while kept inside the fridge?

The good thing about Always Fresh Containers is their ability to save space inside the fridge. The containers can be easily stacked and stored which creates a sense of order upon opening the refrigerator. It does provide a good alternative for storing leftover and fresh foods due to the attractive green color of the container. The manufacturer claims that food will stay fresh longer when using Always Fresh-even up to 30 days.

Advantages of Always Fresh Containers

The Always Fresh containers as seen on TV product will indeed provide numerous advantages for the discerning consumer but the same advantages could also be present on similar products used for food storage as well. These advantages include:

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  • Prevents freeze burn (that hard, undesirable patch on food resulting from extended cold storage).
  • The containers stack neatly inside your fridge, eliminating fuss and food contamination.
  • Lockable lid prevents moisture loss.
  • Food stays fresh and odor free (provided that the produce or food is kept dry prior to storage).
  • Dishwasher safe.

Disadvantages of Always Fresh Containers

Like most consumer products sold on the market, the marketing strategy might prove too good to be true for the most part. Food spoilage is inevitable and preserving fresh food for 30 days inside the fridge would seem an impossible task (except if freezing the food). Health experts often suggest that food and produce should be consumed immediately to prevent the accumulation of harmful bacteria and fungi that could prove hazardous to your health. If you intend to use the Always Fresh Containers to store your food for a maximum of 7 days then you shouldn’t notice a problem. However, if you think this wonder product is considered the fountain of youth for your favorite food, veggies and fruits then you are in for a major heartache.

The dark green color might prove an attractive design proposition but the color makes it hard to determine what type of food is inside the container. The containers also lack the desired size to store large food items and vegetables. You might also be surprised how much you are paying for the product when you order online. Shipping and handling costs will add a significant amount to the overall purchase price.


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For less than $20, (not including shipping and handling) you get an average product that will make food storage easier and hassle free. The promise of a 10 piece set might confuse the average consumer as you only get 5 containers with 5 lids.

It would also be best to place a thin sheet of paper towel inside the container before putting dry produce in the container. This alone will help food stay fresh longer by absorbing moisture inside the Always Fresh Container. Come to think about it, you could do the same trick for any kind of storage product sold on the market and probably get the same results.


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