Kindle 2 Review: Is This eBook Reader Worth Buying?

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Kindle 2

Amazon Kindle Ebook Reader

The Kindle 2 is the second iteration of the groundbreaking and most popular eBook reader in the market today. It features a lot of improvements from the original Kindle and this Kindle 2 review will focus on that. This Kindle 2 review will also tell you what’s new and innovative in the device many call a game changer.

Design (5 out of 5)

Kindle 2

The large buttons that plagued the usability of the first Kindle is now gone with the Kindle 2’s smaller and more intuitive side navigation buttons. Readers no longer have to worry about accidentally turning the page every time they move their fingers. The size of the Kindle 2 is still manageable and somewhat familiar because it’s the same size as that of most paperback books. The screen is the same size as the first version of Kindle, but the thickness of the device is smaller, making it more portable and easier to handle. The elegant look of the Kindle 2 is complemented by an improved display screen that now features 16 grayscale shades as opposed to the first Kindle’s monochrome photocopy-like display. With this great improvement in the design, Kindle 2 deserves an excellent score.

User Interface (4 out of 5)

The user interface is definitely better than the first Kindle. The Kindle 2’s capability to provide logical paths in reading publications like newspapers and magazines make navigation easier and more intuitive. Turning pages is a lot faster too, thanks to a bigger memory. The eBook reader works with the use of an electronic paper called E-ink. The E-ink display on the Kindle 2 still needs a light source, but as stated earlier, it has 16 grayscale shades now which makes reading a lot easier on the eyes.

Features (4 out of 5)

This wireless device still offers the capability to connect to for free. This gives the user easy access to Amazon’s library of more than 230,000 books, magazines and newspapers. A new feature in the Kindle 2 is the ability to sync with other devices like other Kindle 2 units and mobile devices. This feature lets you keep up with what you’re reading. Stop reading a book at page 10, shut down your Kindle 2, and you can start reading again on your other devices, starting on the page where you left off. Another new feature, which is equally innovative and efficient as the sync feature, is the text-to-speech functionality. This feature lets you listen to a book through the speakers located at the back of the Kindle 2. The feature is still a bit rough with a computer-generated reader that sounds all too robotic, but it’s a start.

Performance (5 out of 5)

The Kindle 2 has a bigger memory, able to store more than 1,500 eBooks. That’s a lot of reading material even for bookworms. Another improvement from the first Kindle is the longer battery life which can go 4 to 5 days with the wireless connection on and up to a couple of weeks with the wireless connection turned off. Amazon claims that even after 500 charges, the Kindle 2 will still hold about 80% of its original battery capacity. With regular use, most users won’t have to replace their battery until after a decade or so.

Conclusion (5 out of 5)

Compared to its predecessor, the Kindle 2 is way better in all aspects. You can buy Kindle 2 at for the price of $189. For the price, design, performance, features and user interface, Kindle 2 gets an excellent rate.

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