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The Best Kindle Battery: Buying Guide

written by: Erin281982•edited by: Jean Scheid•updated: 12/14/2010

Looking for the best Kindle battery? Here's a look at five of the best Kindle batteries on the market. These batteries can be conveniently bought on Amazon and are sure to prolong the reading life of your Kindle.

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    Batteries for the Kindle

    As one of the best selling gadgets, the Amazon Kindle has become a much wanted item for many people who enjoy reading. One of the top accessories to purchase along with the Kindle is a battery or replacement battery. For those who want to buy the best Kindle battery to ensure they get the most life out of their Kindle, here is a buying guide that features the top 5 batteries. These batteries can all be purchased at Amazon and many of them are highly recommended by other customers who have purchased them. They range in price with some as low as $12 while others are closer to $30.

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    1. Lenmar 1530 mAh for Amazon Kindle 1 Book Reader

    41cZoItmx8L SL500 AA300 The Lenmar 1530 mAh for the Amazon Kindle 1 e-reader is the first choice for consumers. This battery is a great choice and many people will love it because they will find themselves only having to charge their Kindle once a week rather than once a day even when leaving it on all the time. This battery features a 3.7 volt and a Li-Poly NoMem battery. For those interested in purchasing this Kindle battery, the model number is ERDA100 and it can be found on Amazon and is made by Beach Audio. This battery for the Kindle sells for $21.95 and the ASIN number is B001OF5FCI.

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    2. Dek Cell Replacement Battery

    41kUW1JU3tL SL500 AA300 Dek Cell's replacement battery for the Kindle 1 comes highly recommended with many customers happy with the extended amount of charge time it gives the Kindle, making it one of the top choices for best Kindle battery. It features a 3.7 volt, and also comes with a 1 year replacement warranty that many customers find convenient. The price is also nice at just $14.65 and the ASIN number is B002E1Q2H8. It is made by BrilliantStore and available on Amazon.

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    3. Amazon Kindle Replacement Battery

    Amazon Kindle Battery Amazon also features its own replacement battery for just $19.99. This battery is lithium polymer-based and rechargeable with a 1530 mAH capacity. Another good feature about this battery is that it is recyclable and is completely charged in just two hours. This battery is sold by Amazon and can be found here.

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    4. Flashpoint Replacement Battery

    41EJRQ07ZFL SL500 AA300 For shoppers who are on a budget and are looking for the best Kindle battery, the Flashpoint replacement battery for the Kindle is an excellent choice. Sold at only $12.90 by Bedford Power on Amazon with an ASIN number of B0032GUKUY, this battery has many of the same features and advantages of some of the higher priced batteries. It is 3.7 volts and features a 1530 mAh capacity. This battery will hold its charge for many hours and Kindle users will like the low price they pay for it.

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    5. High Capacity Battery For AMAZON Kindle II Li-ion 1530Mah

    yhst-16254530212910 2135 109054171 Those interested in getting a battery with a warranty will love the High Capacity battery for the Amazon Kindle II. Sold for only $15.10, this Kindle battery comes with a one-year limited warranty and is manufactured by CS Technology. Known as some of the best batteries out there, this Kindle battery is a must-have for those who need a replacement or for those who are simply looking to have an extra one just in case. This battery has a 1530 mAh capacity and the model number is 91750-CS-ABD002SL.

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