Comparing the Amazon Kindle vs. Kindle DX

Comparing the Amazon Kindle vs. Kindle DX
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Kindle vs. Kindle DX - Features

To know which is the best ebook reader between the original Amazon Kindle and Kindle DX, let’s take a closer look at their specs and features. We compared the Kindle and Kindle DX based on the following criteria - size of both the display and the device, battery life, connectivity feature, and price. These are the features where these two Kindle devices differ from each other.

When it comes to display size, the Kindle DX is bigger with 9.7-inch diagonal display as against the Kindle’s 6-inch diagonal display. Take note, with emphasis on the diagonal display, the Kindle does not support landscape mode. Naturally, the overall size of these two devices differ in other areas. So, which one is better? - Big or small? When reading ebooks, of course the larger the display, the better reading experience for you.

Since the Kindle DX has a bigger display, it naturally consumes more battery juice. Hence, battery life of the Kindle is still much better than the Kindle DX. We’re talking here one month compared to 2-3 weeks in favor of the original Kindle when the wireless connectivity is off. When the wireless connectivity is on, it’s the same scenario with 3 weeks versus 7 days of battery life again in favor of the Kindle. Speaking of wireless connectivity, the Kindle DX has both 3G and WiFi as against the Kindle’s WiFi only feature. Obviously, the Kindle DX is better than the Kindle in this department.

Finally, the most important consideration when buying a new Kindle and which one to buy - the price. Again, the Kindle DX by virtue of its size is more expensive than the Kindle. It’s $139 for the original Kindle vs $379 for the Kindle DX.

Kindle vs. Kindle DX - Performance


I was fortunate enough to have tested both Kindle units. The first time I got my hands on the original Kindle, I was completely awed. It was long before there was an iPad and back then, it was the first tablet device that I got to use. Right there and then, I was convinced that the Amazon Kindle was a revolutionary product. But then came the Kindle DX. The DX, a bigger, bolder, and meaner e-reader device runs as fast as the original device when you are reading an ebook, downloading ebooks from the Amazon Kindle store, and skimming through virtual pages of ebooks. I knew right away that the Kindle DX is the future of the Amazon Kindle. The original Kindle has served its purpose. It’s time for the Kindle DX to take the spotlight.

Kindle vs Kindle DX - What They Share in Common

When it comes to their common features, both the Kindle and Kindle DX support native PDF formats. So, if you don’t like getting ebooks from Amazon, you can scour the web for free contents and read them on your Kindle. Both Kindle devices also support Amazon’s Whispersync technology, text-to-speech, portrait and landscape view, and e-ink technology.

Kindle vs. Kindle DX - Which Is the Best eBook Reader?

While it may seem pretty obvious that the Kindle DX can beat the original in terms of features, it doesn’t mean, however, that the Kindle DX is the better device. Each has its pros and cons. The Kindle DX is naturally heavier than the Kindle so some may not like the extra weight. Of course there are a dozen of features that easily point out the best eBook reader, but we’ll leave it up to you to find out and eventually decide on the best eBook reader.

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Screenshots by author: Kindle DX and Kindle courtesy of Amazon.