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Where to Find Free e-Books for the Nook

written by: KennethSleight•edited by: Rhonda Callow•updated: 6/6/2011

You’ve just unboxed your new Nook and can’t wait to take it to the park and enjoy hours of uninterrupted reading, but what are you going to read? Well you could dish out hundreds of dollars for the latest best sellers or you could do what a lot of other people do – go for the freebies.

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    Barnes & Noble

    Finding free e-books for Nook e-book readers is actually really simple as long as you know where to look. The very first place to go is the source of the Nook: Barnes & Noble. has hundreds of free titles for your enjoyment and is adding more all the time.

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    A second source for free e-books for Nook readers is This takes slightly more effort: once you’ve logged into the website, you need to choose a genre. After you have chosen a genre and entered a search term on the results page there will be a menu at the top that allows you to choose the price you are looking for. Choose "Free," any of the books in public domain and some selected other works are free.

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    Didn’t find what you were looking for at the Barnes & Noble or Google Books site? Another place you can try is This site features a host of technical manuals and non-fiction titles. They do have a fiction section, but it is populated almost entirely with science fiction so if that’s your thing this may be the only site you need.

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    Project Gutenberg

    Project Gutenberg has the largest collection of public domain books. These are the books that are out of copyright and available for anyone to use for any purpose. Books from the world’s greatest fiction authors such as Dickens, Joyce, Shakespeare, Mark Twain, Anton Chekov and Edgar Allan Poe fall into this category.

    Project Gutenberg is the oldest producer of free e-books on the Internet. If you’re not sure where to start looking for your next good read, check out what others are reading on the Top 100 page.

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    Free eBook Wiki

    If none of these tickle your fancy then you can go to the ultimate free site: This site has links to libraries, author websites, free e-book lists, and several other utilities that the free e-book user may find helpful. In typical Wiki fashion, this list is constantly being updated and the links may or may not be working depending on the status of the linked pages. Overall, this is one of the best multiple resources for e-books on the internet today.

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    The Free Library offers hundreds of literary works by well-known authors but the real treasure here is the massive archive of magazines and other periodicals. These are updated daily and run the gamut from automobiles to Zoology.

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    The Baen Free Library

    The Baen Free Library only has 120 books and they are all versions of sci-fi or mixed genre. The authors here often freely distribute the first novel in a series to garner a readership. This method allows you to try out an author for free without any commitment to buy later works in a series unless you are interested.

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    This website is a place for amateur writers to post their works for a large audience. There are more than 300 books available from hundreds of authors. This is the place to go for something unique that you haven’t been able to find on any of the other free e-book sites.

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    With 29,000 free e-books to choose from and a very well organized appearance, is a great place to find free e-books for Nook. You have the option to search by author, title, genre and even language. There are several “most downloaded" lists and a section for new releases. This is one of the few sites with books in languages other than English so if you are looking for a Spanish novel this is the place.

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    Finding the free offerings on the Mobipocket site might take a bit of looking, the link is in the left hand column about two thirds of the way down, under the heading “download free books." This link will take you to a pop-up screen that opens the free e-book section. There are several different languages represented but a majority of them are in English.

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    The Just Free Books site has hundreds of titles to choose from and allows you to sort by genre and by e-book reader so you can search for just what you want on your Nook. It looks a bit unorganized on the surface but once you start using the genre selection list on the right hand side of the screen finding something you are interested in should be easy.

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    Free File Converter

    Because the Nook doesn’t support .doc, .txt, .lit, .amz. .lrx and .lrz formats some of the other sites that have free eBooks might not be immediately compatible. But the Nook does support .pdf files so it would only take a download of a file converter to fix this problem. There are several free ones out there including Converting the files will require a computer, the Nook isn't capable of doing this type of conversion on its own.