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Top 5 Nook Accessories: Holiday Buying Guide for 2010

written by: •edited by: Rhonda Callow•updated: 10/26/2010

Whether you have a Nook Wi-Fi or a Nook 3G + Wi-Fi, there are many Nook accessories that are must-haves and affordable. This Barnes & Noble e-Reader is a fan favorite so why not dress it up or purchase some accessories as a gift for that special someone?

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    Must-Have Accessories for the Nook

    You’re already enjoying your Nook e-Reader so now it’s time to take advantage of some of the top Nook accessories out there! Below, you’ll find a list of our top 5 favorite accessories for the Nook e-Reader to help make your gadget even more enjoyable.

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    1. Nook Deluxe Carrying Case

    Deluxe Nook Carrying Case Available at Amazon, the Nook Deluxe Carrying Case comes from Accessory Genie. This deluxe case is packed with features like the heavy-duty zippered compartments, interior zip mesh protection pockets, blower cleaning brush and micro fiber cloth, scratch resistant interior and is water resistant to boot! It also comes with a 3-year limited warranty and a great place to keep your e-Reader safe and secure when traveling! This featured pack Nook accessory can be yours for about $20.

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    2. Barnes & Noble Nook Accessories Kit

    Nook Accessories Kit You won’t believe what comes with this Nook accessories kit! You get a jet black/neon pink carry sleeve with an extra pocket, custom cut Nook screen protector, Nook wall charger, Nook earphones, Nook car charger, and the Live, Laugh, Love wrist bank—all available at Amazon for only $22! Plus its new memory foam padding helps protect your e-Reader from scratches and bumps!

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    3. TrendyDigtial Water Guard Waterproof Case

    TrendyDigtital WaterProof Case Designed especially for the Nook e-Reader, this waterproof case is an essential Nook accessory and comes cheap from Amazon at only $16!

    Because it’s designed for the Nook, it offers a keep pad and navigation button accessed easily through the case for ease of operation. It comes with a UV-stabilizer that won’t get discolored from direct sunlight and the WaterGuard keeps it safe from dust, water, sand, and even the cold! The adjustable strap allows you to choose to wear it around your neck or as a shoulder strap.

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    4. Hard Cube Carry Case

    Hard Cube Carrying Case for the Nook Think fashion with the Hard Cube Carry Case. This Nook accessory comes with a black eLight and is available at Amazon for a mere $15.

    Available in four colors: black, blue, pink and red - there’s sure to be a color to fit your mood or give as a gift. Features include the hard cube case that is scratch proof and water resistant meaning you can take your Nook anywhere you go. Its dual zipper means easy opening and it has inside strap restraints to keep your Nook in place!

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    5. Premium Clear Full Screen Protector

    Premium Clear Screen Protector Last on our list of the top 5 must-have Nook accessories is a great stocking stuffer idea. The Premium Clear Full Screen Protector is also available at Amazon for only $3.75!

    For the price, why not get more than one of these screen protectors that includes awesome protection for the LCD screen, is made of PET material and is scratch-proof and bubble free. It’s easy for anyone to apply and also comes with a micro fiber cloth. A great gift for all Nook owners!

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    With all the cool Nook accessories out there, it’s going to be hard to choose the best one - even if you want to read two books at the same time with your e-Reader! Amazon offers combo packages meaning you can save money if you buy more than one Nook accessory in a single purchase bundle. Dress up your own Nook this year, or pick up one of these amazing accessories for a friend or family member!

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