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Best Green Technology Gadgets for Your Computer

written by: unsel•edited by: Rhonda Callow•updated: 8/17/2010

New green gadgets continue to appear on the market at an astonishing pace. Their uses are varied but the one thing they all have in common is that they’re environmentally friendly. Here is a look at some of the best green gadgets for your computer.

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    Solar Powered Computer Mouse

    The computer mice we use today are powered by batteries or DC current coming from PCs, and they consume a very little amount of electricity. Thesolar-powered-mouse  amount of power these computer mice use is not too much for anyone to care, but the amount of power the millions of computer mice in the world altogether consume must be very high. Considering that large amount of power consumption by computer mice, there are some eco-conscious people in NWO, Netherlands, who have designed the world’s first solar powered mouse and it is presently undergoing testing. The designers of this mouse are testing the device to see whether solar power can be an effective source to power the device and whether the mouse will work well with the stored power when in use. The designers of this green gadget have estimated that once a lot of people will have adapted this mouse in the near future, several thousand watts of electricity and millions of batteries will be saved annually on a global scale.

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    Vers 2X Speakers

    These good-looking speakers are built for iPhones and iPods but can also be used with a desktop or a laptop. The speakersvers 2x speaker  are made using a wood veneer, and they are free of environmentally harmful materials like cadmium, chemical-based adhesives and lead. The speakers' packaging is made out of recycled materials and, in turn, is one hundred percent recyclable. The Vers 2X Speakers produce excellent sound quality and are powered by a Class D amplifier, which wastes much less power than typical amps.

    The manufacturer offers several other green gadgets like cases and earphones, and all are worth checking out.

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    Green Printer

    We can make our office paperless but in reality there are still many situations where a printer needs to be powered on and fed with ecogrteen riti printer -unfriendly consumables – ink and paper. Recycling and reusing papers is an option, but the expensive process of refilling the ink remains an issue for most of us.

    Considering this problem, some eco-conscious people have come up with a printer RITI, which will not use ink anymore, but rather tea dregs and coffee with some water to print your documents. It might not be the perfect thing for full color print jobs but it saves money and the environment at the same time. Plus, the pleasant scent that the printer will infuse into your CV might support you with your job application as well!

    The RITI printer is just a concept at the moment but hopefully it will become available sooner rather than later.

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    Low Consumption LCD Screen

    Most people use LCD screens today rather than the older CRT ones. Although the LCDs consume much less power than the CRT green lcd monitors, they do consume about 50 to 150 watts (depending on the size of the LCD) when active.

    When the power consumption of thousands of LCDs is combined worldwide, it will add up to a very large amount. Considering this significant power consumption by LCD screens, the eco-conscious guys at Fujitsu have come up with an eco-friendly prototype 22" monitor, recently demoed at a press event in Germany. The monitor is designed to cut off the power consumption by a significant amount and it also incorporates solar panels to make the monitor even greener.

    The solar panels will provide enough electricity that can keep the monitor on standby at zero consumption mode for almost a week. When in active mode, the LCD will draw only between 0.6 - 0.10 watts of electricity, which sounds unbelievable but is true. Imagine how much you will save with such a LCD if your computer remains on most of the day, and imagine if all of us in the world use this LCD, how much power we will save every day.

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