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Top Five Gadget Blogs

written by: Amy Carson•edited by: Rhonda Callow•updated: 8/17/2010

If you’re looking for the latest news in the world of gadgets, here are the top five gadget blogs that are worth checking out.

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    Engadget was launched in March 2004 and now it is the best source for multilingual news on latest and greatest technology and engadget gadgets. The website covers the whole world of technology from reviews of the latest smartphone to news and first looks at HDTVs, gaming, laptops, and much more. Additionally, Engadget also features podcasts and videos for consumers so that they can take full advantage in order to obtain the maximum information possible when it comes to gadgets.

    Engadget has won several awards for being the best technology and computers weblog in 2004, and for being the best technology and group weblog in 2005.

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    Gizmodo is a popular gadget blog about consumer electronics and is known for up-to-date coverage of electronics and gadget-related gizmodo news from around the world. In addition to news, Gizmodo also offers reviews, streaming videos and pictures of technology products and gadgetry.

    Whether you are looking for hardware reviews or news on latest gadgets, consumer electronics or mobile phones, Gizmodo is the place for all this. If you speak Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, French or German, you will also find content in your language.

    Gizmodo was launched in 2002 and in just eight years, it has become one of the top thousand websites in the world.

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    CoolestGadgets is a gadget blog that focuses on latest gadgets, technology and consumer electronics. The site was launched in 2005 and since then it has grown quickly in popularity, achieving Technorati top 100 ranking.coolest-gadgets 

    The gadget blog is updated and published daily with fresh and distinct posts. The blog is run from the U.K and has many contributing columnists and editors, who cover the world of consumer electronics with attention to detail and passion.

    The interface of the blog is very decent, and navigating through different categories of gadgets is easy and fast.

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    Next on our list of the top 5 gadget blogs is TechCrunch. TechCrunch was founded in June 2005 and is dedicated to writing and reviewing new companies and Internet products. In addition to this, TechCrunch also writes about existing companies that make an impact in the world of technology.techcrunch 

    If you are looking for a review or news on the latest gadgets, TechCrunch has a lot to offer. From household gadgets to electronic gadgets, TechCrunch covers almost everything that is on the market or that which is rumored to be released in the near future.

    The interface of the TechCrunch is rather simple and very concise.

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    5. SlashGear.Com

    The last website to make our list of the top gadget blogs is SlashGear, a Technorati Top 100 site. SlashGear is a trendy website, dedicated to providing news and reviews of the cutting-edge gadgets andslashgear  consumer electronics including cell phones, GPS devices, digital cameras, laptops, camcorders, and more.

    The gadget blog also offers a video gallery of the technology products and a separate section on 4G, providing fresh and distinctive information about this latest generation of cellular wireless standards.

    The interface of the website is kept very simple and straightforward.

    Stay updated on top tech news, latest developments in the gadget and electronics world by making full use of the above gadget blogs.