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Latest Security Gadgets for 2010

written by: Suresh Ginige•edited by: Rhonda Callow•updated: 8/16/2010

Enjoy that elusive peace of mind with these latest security gadgets that offer the ultimate in protection for you and your property.

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    Do you labor under the apprehension that you are in constant danger? Do you feel that there is an imminent threat of being attacked by thieves or murderers? Unfortunately, your paranoia is completely justified as we live in extremely dangerous times. Only the latest security gadgets can ensure the safety of your life and property. Check out these items that can give you that elusive peace of mind.

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    Logitech Digital Video Security System

    home product From the famed maker of accessories comes this comprehensive surveillance system that will enable you to maintain an omniscient eye over every nook and cranny of your home. You can combine up to 6 cameras indoors and outdoors, giving you a complete overview of your entire house. The weatherproof outdoor cameras come equipped with night vision while the indoor cameras are capable of taking HD videos. A free Mobile Viewer application allows you to view a live feed from the cameras over the internet and the system will alert you if its motion sensors detect any movement.

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    Kwikset SmartScan Keyless Lock

    yhst-81126207287951 2115 112964077 Unless you get some perverse pleasure from watching burglars breaking into your home, you will also want the latest and most advanced fingerprint door lock to keep these dastardly individuals at bay. And what better device than the Kwikset SmartScan Keyless Lock which uses sub dermal scanner to identify a person's fingerprint before granting access. This is a particularly nifty option for those who keep forgetting their keys. The Kwikset Lock retains fingerprint memory even when the battery runs down so you don't end up being denied entrance to your own house. The Kwikset is also bump and drill resistant - handy for further deterring those frustrated burglars.

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    TASER C2 Stun Gun

    cartridge Let us assume that all your defenses have been breached. How do you protect yourself? For that you need the TASER C2 Stun Gun, which uses compressed nitrogen to fire two probes attached to 15 foot conductive wires into your assailant. The TASER then transmits a charge between the two, probes effectively incapacitating the individual. The C2 Stun Gun is non-lethal but will leave the felon wishing he was dead once it has finished sending powerful electrical pulses through his body. The TASER C2 can also be used as a direct contact stun device allowing you to pack a punch like Mike Tyson.

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    Protex HDR-83 safe

    T12744411 Being able to protect yourself is all very well, but who looks after your valuables when you are not around? For that you need the latest safe from Protex, the HDR-83. This formidable safe has a spring-loaded re-locking device and drill resistant hard plate. It boasts a velvet interior to protect your jewelry from scratches and also has a fire liner which offers 30 minutes of fire protection. A fool proof battery powered DigiPaz high-security electronic lock ensures that only authorized people access your valuables and 5-active round locking bolts seal the safe against all attempts at intrusion.