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Kitchen Tools: New Technology in the Kitchen

written by: Tia Ahmed•edited by: Rhonda Callow•updated: 7/30/2010

Want to learn about the new kitchen tools featuring new technology? Look no further as many kitchen tools are innovated using the latest technology that not only makes your kitchen life easier, but looks good doing it.

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    Introduction to Kitchen Gadgets

    Many of us often do not like to cook and have no idea when to use kitchen tools; new technology is making things easier now. Although it isn't as exciting as a laser cutting knife or a fat vaporizing gun, some of the more simple and cheap gadgets make using the kitchen a whole lot easier and are just plain cool to have.

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    Palm Peeler

    Palm Peeler The Palm Peeler comes in three major types and various kitchen and home-keeping companies have some version of this. It is relatively cheap costing around $5 to $10 and is available everywhere. Unlike peeling with a regular knife, the Palm Peeler allows a more comfortable grip, reduces the chance of getting cut, and is very easy to clean and maintain unlike other peelers that may come with blades that lose their sharpness sooner.

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    Microbe be Gone

    kitchen culinaryprep The Microbe be Gone boasts its use against destroying germs from meat products by vacuuming them out along with the help of a special natural solution (salt and vinegar-like chemical). This is perfect for using raw chicken and fish for sushi and only costs around $30 to $50 depending on where one purchases this product.

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    Trash Talker

    Trash Talker The Trash Talker is basically a trashcan that speaks or more insults and advises. This bad boy dishes out insults every time trash is thrown in, saying phrases like "Hey, you are what you eat, ya know!" or "Lay off the carbs, honey!" Originally a gag gift, the Trash Talker comes in various models, available anywhere in different names, the costs range from $20 to $100 depending on the type of model and company. Also, most models have tilt and motion sensors.

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    Sensor FreshQ

    Sensor FreshQ is a strange and rather pricey version of most kitchen tools. New technology is used to grasp the concept of the Sensor FreshQ. The device can sense how much bacteria is in meat, usually red meat. The LCD screen gives three colors, red, yellow, and green upon firing what is stated as "microbe fighting sensors". Green means the meat is fresh and can be eaten, the yellow means there is bacteria present and needs to be eaten within the next few hours, and the red means the meat has too much bacteria build up and should be thrown away.

    The Sensor FreshQ runs a price of only $15; however, in order to use the device Q Cards are needed and a pair costs around $5. Depending on how often one uses the device, it would get very expensive since it one card has only five readings before it dies. Although not as useful to everyone as it sounds, it infused new technology in the kitchen very perfectly.

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    Kettle Chameleon

    Kettle Chameleon 

    Although not entirely a futuristic gadget, the Kettle Chameleon fuses old technology with a nicer innovative use and is far cheaper than most kettles coming in at around $10 to $15. This gadget changes colors on a basis of temperature and comes with a silicon base handle for easy grip and unlike most kettles, the entire body does not heat up along with its contents.