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Toaster Oven/Microwave Combination

written by: johnsinit•edited by: Rhonda Callow•updated: 7/23/2010

Food preparations become a breeze with the presence of a microwave oven in the kitchen. A toaster oven microwave combination seems to provide even better answers to the issue of easier cooking. This contraption promises to give cooking enthusiasts an efficient approach to kitchen chores.

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    Although the regular microwave oven addresses the issues of quicker cooking period, reheating foods, and defrosting frozen items, there are other facets which the microwave oven may not be able to serve on its own. The toaster oven microwave combination can meet the requirements of both an oven and a toaster in a single item.

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    Good Combination

    This combination appliance is a little bit larger than the ordinary appliance, and performs the role of the oven which can bake to the desired color and texture and at the same time make toasted snack preparations conveniently. One of the advantages of having the current line of the toaster oven microwave combination is the presence of the digital control buttons. You can use the auto cook option which will keep you from making errors in cooking time. The energy needed to complete the task is also regulated with these preset buttons.

    With a toaster oven microwave combination, it is just a matter of waiting for the meals and foodstuffs to be cooked. Great meal preparations are practically a click away. One of the primary drawbacks of this arrangement is that it will cost you more initially, as the toaster oven microwave combination is definitely more expensive than its stand-alone counterparts.

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    Some Cons

    This appliance comes in a virtual package and requires no pre-heating procedure which is a leap away from the usual cooking procedures that many people have been familiar with. It cooks without having direct heat involved in the process. The microwave process uses electromagnetic impulses, and it is important to note that there are possible dangers to be taken into consideration which can be learned from the accompanying user’s manual.

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    Popular Models

    A couple of examples of this toaster oven microwave combination is LG’s LTM9000 and LTRM1240 models. The first model uses 900 watts of power with a 12-inch turntable, while the second uses 1200 watts and a turntable measuring 14.25 inches in diameter. Both models have sleek and compact designs and have multiple levels of power. Both models have practically the same features including reheating buttons, popcorn pads, defrost capabilities, clock timers, and child safety locks. They also carry 1-year warranties on parts and labor, and a special 10-year warranty on its magnetron components. LG LTM9000 

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    A Useful Appliance

    This appliance has several advantages over the conventional items in the kitchen. For one, it is ideal for people who lead fast-paced and busy lives as it abbreviates cooking activities tremendously. It is also a definite space saver as it serves multiple functions without taking the space required by multiple appliances. It is a must for the modern kitchen and its superb technology offers great convenience and efficiency for the chef and the cooking enthusiast. The toaster oven microwave combination is an important innovation that must have a place in the kitchen. Rival MT660