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The Best Pocket-Sized Food Scales

written by: unsel•edited by: Rhonda Callow•updated: 7/5/2010

Did you know that the majority of people in the USA consume 2 to 3 times the amount of the recommended portion size? By managing your food portioning, you can easily control your diet. Here are a variety of pocket-sized food scales to help you measure your portions.

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    OKPocket EZ-600

    An all-purpose pocket-sized food scale, the EZ-600 is incorporated with a backlit LCD display that helps the user to clearly interpret the SL500 AA300 digits visible on it. The weighing platform of the EZ-600 is covered with a protective layer to ensure durability and longevity. Featuring a scale capacity of 600g and a scale resolution of 0.1g, the EZ-600 pocket scale consists of a stainless steel platform with 4 weighing modes g/ozt/dwt. In addition to the above mentioned features, this unique pocket scale promotes a tare function and a warranty that will last you almost 2 years. Costing you a meager $12.95, the EZ-600 pocket scale is now within your reach.

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    American Weigh PV-650

    A beautifully designed digital pocket scale flaunts a stylish, circular backlit display will have anyone gawking at it for days. ThePV-650 tray silver  removable cover ensures no harm reaches the scale when not in use and it can also be used as a small tray. The PV-650 is currently available in three colors: black, silver, and blue. Featuring a scale capacity of 650g and a scale resolution of 0.1 g the PV-650 has user-friendly functionality and easily slides into your handbag or pocket. Offering a whopping 10 year warranty the American Weigh PV-650 is available for $17.95.

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    Fast Weigh ES-100

    Offered at a low price of $19.95, the ES-100 is as light as a feather and you won’t even notice it in your pocket or handbag while Fast-Weigh-100 travelling. Propagating error-free results, the ES-100 is available in three colors and consists of a cover that can also be used an expansion tray. Coming with a detachable feature for the tray, the ES-100 boasts an easy to use interface with three key operations and a backlit display that ensures crystal clear visibility. With a scale resolution of 0.01 g and a scale capacity of 100g, the ES-100 is cleanly designed to provide a thin compact product.

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    American Weigh CD-V2-500

    The American Weigh CD-V2-500 is truly unique in its design and is available for $27.95. Flaunting a real CD jewel case design, the CD-V2-500 is very user-friendly and can practically be operated with your eyes closed. A spacious weighing surface is provided to ensure efficiency and offers 5 varying color styles. With a scale resolution of 0.01 g and scale capacity of 500g, the CD-V2-500 offers a 10 year warranty which ensures that all your pocket scale needs will be met.

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    US Balance US-Hide-A-Weigh-XR Digital Scale

    The US Balance US-Hide-A-Weigh-XR digital scale consists of a pop-out backlit LCD display whichhide-a-weigh-scale  ensures that the user can easily read the digits. The US-Hide-A-Weigh has a scale resolution of 0.1 g and a scale capacity of 500g. Equipped with a detachable lid which serves to protect the surface of the digital pocket scale, this unique design measures weights in four modes g/oz/dwt/ozt and comes with a five year warranty. Incorporated with a tare function the US-Hide-A-Weigh-XR is currently offered for $14.39.

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