Top 10 Cool Nook Covers

Top 10 Cool Nook Covers
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1. Flip Nook Color Case

This is an expensive-looking, attractive alternative to t

he typical leather cases for the Nook eReader. It features a tweed fabric exterior and kick stand so the Nook can be propped up for easy and hands-free reading. The magnetic closure offers hassle-free accessibility to Nook’s controls and ports. The case is lightweight and comfortable to hold. It is available in purple, ocean blue colors at for $34.95.

2. Dessin Cover

This is a simple looking cover, made of top quality glazed leath

Dessin cover

er and is bright blue in color. The front side of the cover has a large perforated “n” logo, which gives the cover a stunning look_._ The interior has a large slide pocket, a faux suede lining and a three-point clip mechanism to hold the Nook securely in place, while allowing easy access to all its ports and controls. This stylish cover for the Nook eReader is available at for $34.95.

3. Nook Carrying Cover in Blush Pink

As the name suggests it’s a cover that will appeal more to t

nook cover blush pink

he female users due to the bright blush pink color. This cover is made from neoprene material that is soft but durable enough to protect the device from dents and scratches. The case is water resistant and has side pockets, which are spacious enough to hold an extra memory card or a charger. It is a beautifully crafted Nook cover and fits perfectly on the Nook. When you purchase it, you also get a Courage wristband, screen protector and a car charger for the Nook, for free. The cover can be purchased at for $13.99.

4. Color Field Cover in Vivid Pink

The is one of the most stylish and cool Nook covers available. It is a slim and durable Nook cover

cover field

with an ultra-modern design. It is covered with smooth bookbinding cloth and has a handy slide pocket for cards or notes, a faux suede lining, and a three-point clip to securely hold your Nook. This pink Nook cover is an ideal choice for female Nook users and can be purchased at, for 29.95.

5. Luxury Label Cover

This is a luxurious cover for the Nook eRe

luxury label

ader. It features patent leather exterior, interior slide pockets for papers or cards and charcoal faux suede lining. A three-point clip mechanism secures the device while allowing easy access to all the Nook ports and the speaker. The cover has sophisticated and sleek look and is an ideal choice for business users. It is available at for $39.95. The price tag is a bit higher than other Nook covers, but considering the high quality material and luxurious design, this price is not very high at all.

6. Kroo Silicon Cover for Barnes & Noble Nook E-Reader

The Kroo Silicon Cover for the Nook eReader is designed to look st

Kroo cover pink

ylish on the Nook. It is made from high-quality silicone making it durable and long lasting. The cover provides comfort and protection to the device, and safeguards the screen from fingerprints and scratches. When your Nook is inside the cover, the screen can still be read, with the zipper open, and Nook’s navigation features and power switch are also accessible. The cover includes a four-inch hand strap, and a pocket for storing papers, too. The cover is available at at $12.99.

7. Autograph Cover

This is a charming cover for the Nook eReader. T

autograph cover

he cover bears metallic foil signatures of many classic and contemporary writers. Dressed in a cotton bookbinding cloth, it features a synthetic suede lining, a slim profile and a three-point mounting system that holds the device securely in place. When the Nook is inside the cover, the controls and ports are easily accessible. This cool cover for Nook costs $29.95 and is available for purchase at

8. TrendyDigital NookGear Case for Nook

The TrendyDigital NookGear Case for Nook is a durab

TrendyDigital NookGear case

le case to protect the device from daily wear and scratches. The left side of the case has pockets for stationary, business cards and USB cables, and the right side has elastic corners for the Nook to be anchored in. The sockets of the Nook are easily accessible from the sides when it is in the case and the non-scratch zipper secures it in place. User reviews suggest that this is a very impressive and convenient case for the Nook. It comes for $25 with free shipping, and can be purchased at

9. Muriel Cover in Onyx

This is a very smart, slender look

muriel cover

ing cover for the Nook eReader. Its design includes a soft faux suede interior lining and durable rayon bookbinding cloth that covers the exterior. The front of the cover is accented by a ‘n’ logo and a tiny hole has been provided to enhance the sound of the speaker. The cover is available at for $29.95.

10. JAVOedge Cherry Blossom Book Style Case for Nook

This is another attractive looking case for your Nook. The

JAVOedge Cherry Blossom Book Style Case

case is very beautiful and features a traditional Japanese floral print. It allows complete access to Nook’s buttons and ports when it is inside and there are interior pockets, too where you can store papers or cards. The case provides full protection to your Nook against scratches and dings, and is available in purple, cocoa, and ocean blue colors at for $29.95.