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Best of New Technology Gadgets: Reviewing Remote Control Boat Fun by Sea Bird

written by: Piyush Jain•edited by: Amy Carson•updated: 5/30/2011

New technology gadgets abound, but sometimes it can be the old fashioned ones that are the most fun. Check out this radio controlled boat that will blow your socks off!

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    Fast Lane Boat People young and old have been enjoying miniature boats since the idea was first introduced and the Fast Lane Sea Bird remote control boat is many people’s favorite. Early versions of miniature boats had to rely on Mother Nature to move the boat around on the water, or even the ever popular hand-push method. This didn’t allow for watching the boat move from much of a distance. You had to stay close just in case the wind decided to have a real go at your sails, or just so you could keep giving it a push.

    With the onset of radio wave technology, miniature boat enthusiasts still had to wait for motors to become small enough to fit without sinking it. As new technology gadgets continued to make leaps and bounds, radio remote control finally made it into a boat that could be placed on a small body of water and motored around.

    There is an entire sub-culture of remote control boat enthusiasts and they take their ‘toy’ boats very seriously. Regular boats races and regattas are held on a regular basis and competition is stiff. Making your way into this section of society can be a lot of fun and the purchase of a remote control boat can be an entry into this fun and exciting world.

    The Sea Bird is manufactured exclusively for Toys R Us under their Fast Lane brand. As one of the leading retailers of toys all over the world. It is sold through Toys R Us and other outlets. When you purchase the Fast Lane Sea Bird you get the boat, one transmitter and one boat stand. Here is our evaluation of this radio-controlled device.

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    The hull is made of durable plastic and is 21-inches long; plenty big and impressive for a ‘toy.’ It comes in a bright white with attractive red , black and blue graphics, or a stunning navy blue with yellow, red, black and white graphics. The boat has a super streamlined shape that looks like a full-sized 30-foot power boat. The transmitter is easy to hold and operate for smaller hands. It appears well put together and sturdy.

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    The motor in the boat has a safety feature that doesn’t allow the boat propellers to spin unless the boat is in the water. The transmitter runs at a frequency of 27 MHz with a range of around 200 feet. That’s plenty of room for having fun watching the boat move out across the water. The transmitter is made for easy handling and has two joysticks that provide forward, back, left and right steering. The Sea Bird boat kit requires one 9-volt battery and six AA batteries.

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    This little boat has a lot of get-up-and-go and moves out quickly on the water. Kids were thrilled with the speed and easy maneuverability.

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    As a gadget for under $100, it’s hard to imagine finding something that will be more fun. This is a great gift for any boating enthusiast, no matter what their age.

    This boat can also be purchased over the Internet and mailed directly to you through the Toys R Us website. Although manufactured by Toys R Us, you can also find the Fast Lane brand at other retailers such as hobby shops and Amazon for $69.99.

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    This is a great way for the entire family to have some fun out at the lake or lounging in the back yard next to the pool. It is recommended for kids over 8 years old. Get a Fast Lane Sea Bird remote control boat for the family this summer and enjoy the fun.

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