Why Choose a Dyson Fan Without Blades?

Why Choose a Dyson Fan Without Blades?
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Why Choose a Dyson Fan

Why would you choose a $300 Dyson fan without blades when you could purchase a standard bladed model for $25? There are a few reasons that come to mind, the first being safety. Bladed fans run the risk of cutting small fingers. Yes they have safety cages around them but they come off. With the Dyson there is no chance that little finger can get hurt. The mechanism that propels the air is completely safe. The Dyson is also a piece of artwork in and of itself. The modern streamlined design will become an instant piece of interest in the home.

Unlike bladed fans the Dyson Air Multiplier fan doesn’t have low medium and high settings it has a dimmer switch to give the exact airflow that you want. If that isn’t enough then take into account the ease with which it can be cleaned, no removing safety enclosures and wiping down blades just a simple dusting of the interior and exterior of the ring.

How Does it Work

The Dyson fan sucks air toward the ring with a brushless motor and then accelerated over a foil using aerodynamic technology to speed the air up. This creates a constant flow of air unlike the buffeted air that comes from a standard fan. It moves over five gallons of air a second using this patented system. The resulting breeze feels much more natural than the choppy air of a standard air. Add in the 90 degree oscillation and 10 degree tilt and you have an indoor wind that can cover an entire room.

Original Air Multiplier

Dyson Fan Without Blades

The original model of Air Multiplier was a 10 inch tabletop model Dyson fan. Without blades this fan was dismissed by some major reviewers as more of an art piece than an actual usable product. Well it has proven to be quite a usable product and has spawned a 12 inch version (AM01)and a four and a half foot tall pedestal (AM03) model all with circular air accelerators. These models come in silver and blue or silver and white and run between $246.28 and $449.99

Second Generation Air Multiplier

Dyson Tower Fan

The AM02 is the second generation of Dyson fans and incorporates a large oval shaped accelerator on a short base to create a large blade of airflow. The air multiplier version two is called a “tower” fan and also comes with a remote control for convenient airflow adjustment. This model comes in silver or blue and runs $449.00.

These fans add a sense of modern décor and utility as well as providing a safe alternative to the soon to be antiquated bladed fan. A bladeless fan makes far more sense for a family with small children and animals that could be easily injured by a faulty grill or blade securing bolt.





Image of Air Multiplier Diagram courtesy of TreeHugger.com

Images of Dyson Air Multipier Fans courtesy of Amazon.com