Spy Gear Evidence Kit: Tools & Devices in The Evidence Kit

Spy Gear Evidence Kit: Tools & Devices in The Evidence Kit
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Spy Gear Evidence Kit

The Spy Gear Evidence Kit is a forensic set that has several active tools for retrieving evidence, this includes a Microscope, UV

Blacklight, Fingerprint Kit –(Dusting Brush, Double-sided Lifting Tape, Fluorescent (glow-in-the-dark) Powder, Identification Cards, Ink Pads), Tweezers, Sterile Collection Bags, LED Flashlight, Storage Compartments and a Carrying Case. Naturally, with consistent detective work the kit will require restocking, this is available with purchasing the Evidence Kit Refill Pack.

If there are any reservations as to what these individual spy gear tools are for, then their descriptions and purposes will be discussed further throughout this article.


The Spy Gear Evidence Kit’s microscope is a basic hand held viewing device with a fixed magnification of 30x and built-in light for illumination. It is used for close-up inspections of microscopic evidence at a crime scene or essentially for scientific data retrieval. It is activated by an on-off switch and operated by a side focus wheel.

Ultra Violet (UV) Blacklight

This mechanism comprises of a fluorescent or incandescent lamp, a mercury vapor lamp and light emitting diodes, all these components work together to release invisible electromagnetic radiation. These light-emitting devices are all enclosed within a lamp designed to reduce the emission of visible light, it only allows desired parts of the ultraviolet spectrum to pass through. Blacklight sources are used in forensic situations to detect and observe substances that exhibit a fluorescent effect. Fluorescent substances absorb the ultraviolet light and then re-emit it almost instantaneously, e.g. of these materials are body fluid, counterfeit money, chlorophyll, minerals, gems and certain cleaning agents.

Fingerprint Kit

The Fingerprint Kit consists of dusting brushes, double sided lifting tape, fluorescent (glow-in-the-dark) powder, ink pad and ID cards.

To discover fingerprints left behind on objects in a crime scene, the fluorescent powder is applied with a soft feather dusting brush, once the light is turned off the UV light illuminates the actual prints. The fluorescent prints are then stored unto the fingerprint cards and tape by photo-shots.

In the event the culprit’s fingerprint sample is needed for evidence, his fingers will be pressed unto the ink pad where an invisible film of ink solution masks his finger tips, they are then pressed against the surface of the identification card.


These are small clamping devices used to retrieve microscopic evidence such as hair strands, fibers, unfamiliar particles etc. at a crime scene. The tips of the tweezers jaws are very tiny making it extremely effective in salvaging proof lying around.

Collection Bags

Collection bags are put in place to gather evidence found in and around restricted inspection areas. They are sterilized and transparent to properly preserve and store just about any piece of evidence discovered.

LED Flashlight

Flashlights found in the Spy Gear Evidence Kit are made with built-in LED beam technology. LED lights are capable of illuminating areas better in dark conditions so as to uncover evidence and clues during covert missions at night. They also provide long viewing distance.

Carrying Case w/Storage Compartments

The Spy Gear Evidence Kit includes a long list of tools and devices necessary to retrieve covert evidence, and as such it requires a practical carrying case. This carrying case in designed with storage compartments to comfortably secure and protect these devices and the evidence they collect when traveling to the lab or respective authorities.

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