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Buying Guide for RC Bumper Cars for Kids

written by: Sheri Newton•edited by: Amy Carson•updated: 5/20/2011

Looking for a fun, affordable, and cool present that stays under $50? Remote controlled toys may be the way to go, and this guide will give you all of the bumper car remote control options that will make your gift one to be remembered.

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    Where to Buy Remote Controlled Bumper Cars

    If you are looking for a unique gift for a kid, teenager or perhaps an overgrown kid, you should look into purchasing them one of these fun RC bumper cars. These gadgets will provide countless hours for them, and be a really cool toy to show off to their friends and other family members. So, if you want to be the one who gives the fun gizmo gift, check out these fun toys under $50.

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    Remote Control Battery Powered Bumper Cars Game

    Battery Powered Remote Control Bumper Cars Game The Remote Control Battery Powered Bumper Cars Game by JSNY is available on for only $18.99 plus shipping. This product features two cars and two remotes, sensors that keep track of hits on the bumper car, flashing lights as well as funny sounds and is battery operated. Batteries are not included in this game, but it would be wise to purchase some rechargeable batteries that could be used with this and other electronics to save on money spent on batteries.

    This is an easy to play game that is fun for kids of all ages. Great value for the money, and is perhaps one of the best remote control bumper car games available that all ages can play.

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    RC Bumper Cars by Kid Galaxy

    Remote Control Bumper Cars by Kid Galaxy The Kid Galaxy RC Bump ‘n Chuck Bumper Cars by Kid Galaxy is available on for only $32.25 with free shipping. This product comes with two remotes, two cars, and two drivers that are placed in the cars. Batteries are also required with this one and does not come with them.

    This is a really fun option for the remote control bumper cars that have working fans on the back the bumper cars, which gives an illusion that the cars are powered by the wind. When you hit your opponent’s car, it will send the other car’s driver flying. Very fun, and worth the money for this electronic gift.

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    Demolition Derby Cars

    Kid Galaxy RC Demolition Derby The Kid Galaxy RC Demolition Derby isn’t quite a bumper car, but is aimed towards the same thing – to hit the other car! This fun electronics gift is only $29.99 on and includes free shipping.

    This is a really fun option because when the cars hit another object, or each other, they come apart! Kids especially love this feature. This remote control derby cars game comes with two cars, two remotes, four cones and two ramps.

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    Remote Control Speed Bumpers

    Remote Control Speed Bumpers The Remote Control Speed Bumpers is only $29.94 on This is a fun spin on the remote control bumper cars and instead of a “car" it uses a speed boat. This product includes two speed bumper boats, two remote controls, and two drivers that will eject when hit. It also has sound effects and is great fun for kids of all ages. This is a really fun and affordable gadget gift that provides countless hours of fun and entertainment.

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    All images for this article are promo pictures for the products mentioned.

    All prices were taken on February 3, 2011. Prices are subject to change.

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