Best Digital Pen: Recommendations & Buying Guide

Best Digital Pen: Recommendations & Buying Guide
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A digital pen is a mouse that has the shape and feel of a pen. It makes it easy to draw and write on a computer – keyboard free, which is good for giving your fingers and wrists a break. It is especially useful for signing a signature, but there are many more uses than that. The prices vary quite a bit, so determine what features are most important o you when making a choice. Here are some of the best digital pens available:

I-Pen Digital Pen Writer Optical USB Mouse Input Device


On the surface, the I-Pen is much like any other digital pen; but once you get to know it, you learn that there is more than meets the eye. The unique thing about it is its ability to write notes on your desktop. This stores them for fast retrieval later, and puts them in your line-of-fire so you won’t forget them. But there is more than that: The I-Pen allows you to make notes on Web pages. When you see something you want to refer back to later, just make a note, and then when you go back to the page, you can see what you wrote. The I-Pen is easily changed from mouse mode to digital pen mode by switching a button.

The I-Pen Digital Pen Writer is available at Amazon for $29.99

Dane-Elec Z-PEN Wireless USB Digital Pen


The Dane-Elec Z-Pen is just right for people who are on the go and don’t want to lug around a laptop just to take notes. With this USB Digital Pen, all you have to do is handwrite your notes, and then when you get back to your computer, upload them. It’s just that easy. You don’t need special paper to take notes, make drawings, or create diagrams. Not only can you upload them later, you can edit them and search them. This saves you from having to look through thousands of pages one-by-one hoping to find your important information. When you are ready to turn your notes into documents, the software included with the Dane-Elec Digital Pen does that for you.

The Dane-Elec Z-PEN Wireless USB Digital Pen is available at Amazon for $43.28

Livescribe 2 GB Pulse Smartpen

livescribe digital pen

Do you think you’ve heard everything? If you don’t have a Livescribe Pulse Smartpen, you haven’t. That’s because it captures audio while you are taking notes. Did you ever get so involved in writing notes that you missed something somebody said? You won’t have that problem with the Z-Pen. Not only does it record the audio, it knows right where you were in your note taking when it happened. All you have to do is touch the pen to the notes where you missed something, and you can recover the audio part of the lecture you missed – up to 200 hours of it. When you are done, you can upload the notes to your computer – 32,000 pages worth.

The Livescribe Pulse Smartpen is available at Amazon for $99.95

Logitech IO2 Digital Pen

logitech digital pen

It looks like a sleek, comfortable pen that you would use any time, but the Logitech IO2 Digital Pen is more than that. It works hard for you by keeping an eye on your work. It has a tiny, hidden camera that records and stores up to 40 pages of your work. Whether it is notes or drawings, the IO2 automatically puts them into the applications you use most. When you are done, put the Digital Pen into the included docking cradle, and it uploads to your computer automatically. The IO2 has a special feature that integrates with Outlook and Lotus Notes. It opens them and displays the text you wrote with the Digital Pen so you can deal with them as needed.

The Logitech IO2 Digital Pen is available at Amazon for $179.99

Genius MousePen 8 x 6-Inch Graphic Tablet

genius mousepen

The Genius MousePen and Tablet combo provides an 8 by 6 inch pad made for doing anything you would do on a regular sheet of paper. The difference is that the Genius is pressure sensitive, so if you draw a line and push a little harder, the line turns a little thicker. That’s pure Genius! An easily accessible menu stays over the top of your work so you can quickly switch from tool to tool, such as airbrush pen and watercolor pen. You can use it to make notes in any application, and even on the Internet. It connects to your computer via USB for fast response computer response.

The [Genius MousePen and Graphic Tablet]( brihub02-20) is available at Amazon for $61.99


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