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Best Solar-Powered Hats: Reviews & Buying Guide

written by: unsel•edited by: Linda Richter•updated: 2/10/2011

This article lists some of the best solar-powered hats. With the sun's rays becoming increasingly intense, solar-powered hats are a great product to have as they let us enjoy maximum time under the sunlight.

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    Solar Light Cap

    The 2C solar light cap features photovoltaic technology and is a great survival product for hiking and trekking enthusiasts. The cap2c solar light cap  has a soft sweatband inside to absorb sweat, a solid brass swing buckle at the rear, and is available in Sandstorm, black, red, slate, deep sea, and green colors. There are two ultra bright LED lights at a downward angle on the sun shield area that are operated by a single button with four dimmer settings. Being a solar-powered light, it doesn’t require batteries and can provide five hours of light on full beam and 36 hours on other modes. The cap recharges itself when exposed to sun, is fully waterproof, and can be hand washed. It costs $39.90, and you can buy one at

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    Solar-Powered Cooling Fan Hat

    This one is a stylish solar-powered hat. It not only protects the face from sun's burning but also cools the head. It’s an adjustable hat,solar-cap-01-sm  available in red, blue, black, white and other colors. It has an in-built solar-powered fan that directs a cool breeze toward the forehead and gives a cooling effect to the head and face. The hat features sun-shading features and the fan recharges itself through the sun's light and does not need any batteries. The fan starts rotating the moment sunrays fall on the cap; and the stronger the sunshine is, the faster it rotates. The fastest rotational speed the fan can reach is 2,100 revolutions per minute and this is fast enough for your needs. The product is perfect for cricket fans, hockey fans, sport events, product launchers, etc. The price of the cap is not available on the vendor's website. If you're interested in buying it, contact the vendor; the contact details are mentioned on the website.

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    Air-Cooled Safari Hat

    This is a safari hat made up of natural linen straw and is available in a beige color. The hat has built-in solar cells along with aSafari cool hat  battery socket for two AA batteries; they power a small fan that directs a cooling breeze to your forehead. The fan operates by a three-way solar/battery/off switch, and the single size fits all. The Air-Cooled Safari Hat is a great choice for picnics and open-air activities such as working in the garden, exploring for local wildlife, watching sports or any other outdoor activity, and it can be used by men and women alike. The hat is available for purchase at for $18.98

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    Solar Cool Cap

    The Solar Cool Cap is a yellow-colored cap, featuring a built-in fan powered by six solar cells for day time use and a batterySolar Cool Cap  socket for two AA size batteries to be used at night. The solar panels used on this cap are perfect in quality and last forever. When sunlight hits the hat, the solar cells produce electricity, which in turn powers a small motor that makes the fan spin, filling the hat with cooling air. The cap has an adjustable headband and when turned backward the fan blows cool air on the back of the head and neck. This is the best place to apply cooling as it helps lower the body temperature and prevent heat strokes. It is best for any kind of outdoor activities and is comfortable to wear for long times. The Solar Cool cap is available at for $19.99

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    Gaiam Solar Powered Outdoor Hat Fan

    This Gaiam Solar-Powered Outdoor Hat Fan can be clamped on any hat, soft or stiff. Once clamped, the integrated mini photovoltaicGaiam Solar Powered Outdoor Hat Fan  panel uses solar energy to power the fan, without any batteries. The fan can be clamped on any side of the hat due to its adjustable mount. It measures 2.75" L x 2.125" W x 2.25" H; it's lightweight and durable. The more the sun shines, the faster the fan moves. This fan is able to cool the head and neck, preventing heat stroke and high blood pressure during the day. The Gaiam solar-powered hat fan is good for all those people involved in gardening, golfing, fishing or just hanging out in the sun. It is available at for $10.

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