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Spy Gear for Kids

written by: Erin281982•edited by: Amy Carson•updated: 2/4/2011

Spy gear for kids has become very popular recently with many exciting products. Here is a look at some of the best spy gear for kids including special spy goggles you can use at night and a remote control spy car.

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    Wild Planet Spy Gear Night Goggles

    As one of the most popular toys for children spy gear for kids offers many exciting products such as the Wild Planet spy gear night goggles. Sold at these spy gear night goggles sell for just $13.93 and have many neat features that kids will love. These goggles have special blue-tinted lenses that it very easy to see at night as well as a fold-out scope with crosshairs, two extremely bright blue LED lights and the ability to see up to 25ft. in the night. Included in the package are the goggles and accessories but not the three AAA batteries needed.

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    Spy Voice Scrambler

    Another exciting choice for spy gear for kids is the spy voice scrambler made by Wild Planet and sold on . Priced at only $8.50 this is a great addition for any aspiring spy. Included in the package is the spy voice scrambler and the batteries it needs. This toy is good for children ages 6 and up. It works by fitting neatly in the palm of the hand and disguising the voice. It also features a special recording option and playback feature.

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    Wild Planet Kid Quest Metal Detector

    Another popular item made by Wild Planet and sold on is the Kid Quest metal detector. Priced at just $19.99 this real working metal detector works by beeping once it finds something. Great for looking at both large and small areas, the metal detector is fun for kids young and old alike. Included in the packaging is the metal detector. Not included is the 9V battery it needs.

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    Wild Planet Spy Gear XP-6 Spy Watch

    Another excellent little gadget in spy gear for kids is the Wild Planet Spy Gear XP-6 watch sold at This cool watch sells for just $14.95 and features world time, a stop watch, a neat motion alarm, a pop up night scope and two drop capsules for secret messages. This watch is great for kids ages 6-12 and is fun for play time or every day wear.

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    Wild Planet Spy Video Car

    For the ultimate in spy toys there is the Wild Planet spy video car that is for sale on for $99.00. This spy car comes with a special hand held controller, a headset and a screen to see real time footage. Kids can actually watch what the car is recording as it is recording it. The car works up to 75 feet away and was one of the top 5 new toys in 2006 for Family Fun magazine. It requires 12 AA batteries that are not included in the package.

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