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The Best Kindle DX Hard Case: Buying Guide

written by: Vikas Vij•edited by: Jean Scheid•updated: 5/30/2011

Looking to protect your Kindle eBook reader against bumps, dust and weather? Consider buying a Kindle DX hard case that protects the unit and makes it easy to carry around.

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    Hard Case Options for Kindle DX

    A Kindle DX hard case is a useful accessory that helps to protect the unit and makes it easy to carry anywhere. There are different Kindle DX case makes and models to suit the needs of all kinds of users. Some of the models are available with extra accessories for multi-purpose utility.

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    Kindle DX Hard Shell Sleeve Case

    Kindle DX Case This is a cover pouch carrying bag which comes with an extra accessories pocket. The outer shell of this case is made of hard material to provide protection against shocks and bumps. It has Velcro strapping that holds the unit firmly in its place when the case is opened. The extra pouch pocket in the exterior can carry a charger or other accessories. It includes a Vangoody wrist band with the inscription: “Live – Laugh – Love” on the outside. Amazon sells it at a discounted price of $18.85.

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    Patagonia Kindle DX Hard Case

    Hard Shell Case for Kindle DX This case fits various Kindle sizes, including the DX and the second generation models. It is a high-end model with a thermal molded exterior for great protection. The catch straps are stretch-woven to hold the unit firmly, but allows convenient viewing of the display screen and buttons. The shell is water resistant and made of 100 percent recycled polyester shell. It includes a nylon stretch-woven pocket on the inside and a single-slide plastic zipper. The case is lightweight, weighing only 6.7 oz. Amazon sells it at a price of $54.99.

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    Amazon Kindle DX Hard Shell – Silver and White

    Carry Case for Kindle This sleeve Kindle DX case comes in a silver and white double color and is preferred by customers who do not like the standard black cases. The hard outer cover protects the unit against bumps as well as dust. Case dimensions are 10.5 x 7.5 x 1. It is ideal for customers who are looking for the convenience provided by a sleeve case, but with extra protection. Amazon sells it at a discounted price of $26.85.

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    Clear mCover Polycarbonate Hard Shell Cover Case

    Hard Case for Kindle This hard case for the Amazon Kindle DX eBook reader comes with a hard screen protector. It is designed for the 9.7-inch Kindle DX. The shell is made of superior DOW polycarbonate material, which makes it crush proof to provide extra protection to the unit. It protects all corners of the unit securely. This is the only case that comes with foldable feet that allows the unit to rest in standing position for more convenient reading. Clear mCover sells at Amazon at a discounted price of $14.01.

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    Case Logic Nylon Kindle DX Sleeve – Black

    Amazon Kindle Case This Kindle DX hard case is custom designed for the 9.7-inch Kindle display and fits the latest and second generation models perfectly. The outer material is made of very strong nylon and 10mm foam which provides good cushioning against shocks and bumps. The grip is made of ultra-suede to facilitate convenient removal of the bag. The case has an easy access zipper closure. Amazon sells this case at a discounted price of $24.99.

    All Screenshots by author courtesy of Amazon.