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Sony eBook Reader Software

written by: Vikas Vij•edited by: Linda Richter•updated: 1/17/2011

Want to enjoy the digital book reading experience? Download Sony eBook Reader Software to your PC, and get access to thousands of eBook titles on Sony’s eBook Store.

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    Download and Read eBooks on your PC

    Sony eBook Reader Sony eBook Reader software opens up an entirely new dimension to reading. For book lovers, this software comes as a great breakthrough that allows them to enter the realm of digital reading experience. This software is a one-stop application that lets the reader browse through thousands of book titles available online and download his favorite ones. Sony Reader’s integrated eBook store offers a broad range of titles, including the latest releases, timeless classics, and bestselling titles. This advanced software simply eliminates the shopping time and even the shipping time. The books can be easily downloaded to your PC or the Sony Reader device within just a few seconds.

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    Advantages of the Software

    With the help of the latest Reader software, you get instant access to thousands of eBook titles available in Sony’s eBook Store. It brings an entire library to your fingertips, and you can choose, download, and manage it the way you want. The software is compatible with both Windows and Mac PCs and offers an adjustable text and twin-page view.

    It lets you make your own personal collection of eBooks, which you can surf conveniently at any time. You can even borrow eBooks from the library with a library card. You can subscribe to various leading magazines and newspapers through Sony’s Reader Store and synchronize them to your Sony Reader for digital reading.

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    New Additions to Sony eBook Reader Software

    Sony has introduced its new models PRS-650 and PRS-350. The latest Reader software is compatible with both these models. The software has multi-lingual capability and it provides language support for Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian languages. All that you need to use this software at home is an Internet connection. The company recommends a broadband connection. Another condition is that the reader’s age must be 13 years or above.

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    Download the Software on your PC or Mac

    The software can be downloaded for free from the Sony Reader official website. Minimum PC system requirements for your computer include an OS of Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP. The CPU should be 800 MHz Celeron class processor or higher. RAM should 128 MB or more, and monitor requirements are High Color or higher. For Mac systems, the OS requirements are Mac OS X (32 bit). CPU can be Intel, PowerPC G3, G4, or G5. RAM should be 128 MB or higher. Monitor requirements are High Color or more, 1024 x 768 pixels or higher. The Sony Reader device is not essential to use the eBook software service.

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    How to Use the Software

    The first step after downloading the software on your PC is to set up your Reader Store account. To do this, just launch the software from your PC and it will take you through a simple 4-step process to register your account. Thereafter, you can sign in to the Sony Reader Store online and browse through your favorite eBooks and select the ones you want to buy in the shopping cart. The books that you buy will be automatically downloaded to your Windows or Mac PC. Once the download is completed you can read your stored books in your computer. You can also connect your Sony Reader to your computer with a USB cable after downloading the software.

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    Calibre Software for Sony eBook Reader

    Many users choose to have independent, multi-purpose software in their computer. Calibre is one such free and open source eBook software that is ideal for Sony Reader. The software has a comprehensive, built-in eBook Viewer which can view eBooks in many different formats. It also features Library Management that can let the user manage a large eBook collection. The software can also convert various eBook formats into other preferred formats. It can even download news from the Internet and convert them into eBook form. The software is available for free download at Calibre’s official website.