Amazon Kindle Tips: How to Copy My Kindle Books to My Second Kindle?

Amazon Kindle Tips: How to Copy My Kindle Books to My Second Kindle?
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How to Copy my Kindle Books to my Second Kindle?

One Amazon Kindle not enough for you? Maybe you’ve upgraded to a newer model, bought a backup version to take away with you, or maybe your first Kindle’s simply full to overflowing with eBooks. Whatever the case, if you’re asking, “how to copy my Kindle books to my second Kindle?” the answer’s easy. If the books you want to copy were purchased from Amazon, you can re-download them by synching both Kindles to the same account. If you want to copy books onto your Amazon Kindle that weren’t originally purchased on Amazon, the solution’s just as easy: you just need to transfer them using the computer you use to manage your Kindle.

Copying Amazon Books on Kindle

To copy books purchased on Amazon from one Kindle to another, first make sure both Kindles are registered to the same Amazon account. You can check this by opening the menu with the “Home” button and pressing Menu. Select the “Settings” option and choose “Register.” Here you’ll be presented with a text input screen where you can enter your Amazon account details. Press “Sym” to enter characters you don’t see on the keyboard. Once you’ve entered your Amazon account details, your second Kindle is registered and you’re ready to start copying books!

Select Archived Items

To start copying books between your Amazon Kindles, press “Home” and navigate to “View Archived Items.” This is a collection of all books you’ve bought, downloaded or registered with They’re not on your Kindle yet, but they remain active on the Amazon server, just waiting for you to access them. So if I wanted to copy my Kindle books to a second Kindle, all I’d need to do is navigate to the book in the “Archived Items” section I wanted to copy, press “Right” on the Kindle, and choose “Add to Home.” As simple as that, the book is added to my Kindle.

If you have a larger selection of books you want to copy, you can also go to and select “Kindle” from the menu on the left. Choose “Manage My Kindle” from the menu bar near the top of the screen. Scroll down to “Your Orders” and select the books you want to transfer to a second Kindle. Choose the Kindle to send them to and your books will be copied immediately.

Copying Other Books Between Kindles

Copy Kindle books via USB

Books not purchased over Amazon count as “Personal Documents” for the purposes of Kindle. These documents can be transferred between Kindles using the computer you use to manage your Kindle content. Connect the first Kindle to the USB port of your computer and open the device as you would any other external drive. Open the “Documents” folder and copy any eBooks you wish to transfer to a folder on your computer, then eject the Kindle. Connect the second Kindle and copy the eBooks into the “Documents” folder - your eBooks are now ready for reading on the second Kindle.