Fixing Digital Photo Frames Problems and Hints On How to Avoid Issues

Digital Photo Frame Viruses

Digital photo frames are a great way to display your digital photos. And, since they look like standard frames, it’s like constantly changing out your frame with new pictures. But, digital photo frames do come with their issues, and many of those revolve around people trying to figure out how to get their photos on to the frame. To help you with these issues, here are a few of the most common digital photo frames problems, and how to deal with them.

One of the most common problems with digital photo frames is viruses. Because you upload pictures either via a USB Flash drive or directly from your computer, digital photo frames are subject to the same viruses as these devices. Yet, unlike standard devices, it’s much harder to get a virus off of a digital photo frame.

With this problem, prevention is the best step. So, before you plug in your device, you run a virus scan on both your computer and your USB device. This will let you know whether or not any virus exists before you begin uploading photos to your digital photo frame.

If the photo frame already has a virus, try plugging it into your computer and then run a virus scan on it. Hopefully, your virus protection will capture and remove the virus immediately. But you do risk infecting your PC with that virus.

Photo Frames and Mac Users

The next major issue that most people have is that they cannot figure out how to upload their pictures to the device. This is especially true with Mac users. Oftentimes, when Mac users plug in a device like the Sharper Image Digital Photo Album Keychain, it just keeps saying updating on the screen, making it seem as if the device is frozen.

While this is distracting, there is a workaround if your software won’t advance. When you installed your software, an icon was added to your desktop or toolbar. As opposed to trying to directly trying to transfer your photos to your device, use the icon instead. This allows you to communicate with your digital photo frame even if you can’t get it to open.

Using Your Digital Photo Frame Manual

The main issue that people have with digital photo frames, however, is just figuring out how to upload their photos, even if they do not receive any type of error message. If you’ve never transferred files between devices before, then you should take the time to read your manual.

Each device is going to be different. Some connect directly to your computer, and you can simply transfer your photos onto the device. Others require you to install special software on your computer before you can transfer media, and then there are some that use the USB Flash drive.

Read through your manual, and call tech support if you have to. Once you learn how to transfer files, you should be good to go.