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How to Download Pictures from Olympus FE-230 Digital Camera

written by: A. Jitesh•edited by: Rhonda Callow•updated: 7/13/2010

Learn how to download images from your Olympus FE-230 digital camera to your computer. This is accomplished by three methods, and this article will cover all of them in detail.

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    There are three methods you can follow when learning how to download pictures from the Olympus FE-230 digital camera to your computer or laptop, which involve plugging in the camera using the provided USB cable, and downloading the images with or without the provided software, or simply removing the memory card and using a compatible card reader.

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    Olympus FE-230 Digital Camera

    Olympus FE 230
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    Using Olympus Master

    Olympus Master is the software provided along with the camera, to serve multiple purposes. Using Olympus Master, one can not only download images to the computer, one can also view slideshows and movies, manage, edit and print the images and also update the camera’s firmware. Here’s how to download pictures from the Olympus FE-230 digital camera using Olympus Master:

    1. Using the provided disc, install the Olympus Master software into your computer. The disc has versions of the software which will run on Windows (2000/XP/Vista) or Mac OS (v10.3 or higher). You may not be able to install the software if you use any other operating system. Do remember you may need administrator privileges to install Olympus Master. To install, insert the provided disc in your computer’s disc drive and follow on-screen instructions. Reboot the computer once and you’re set to go.
    2. Connect the Olympus FE-230 to the computer’s USB port using the provided USB cable, ensuring the camera is switched off during this step. Once properly connected, the camera turns on automatically and a screen pops up giving you various options. Click on ‘PC’ and press ‘OK’. Sometimes, using a USB hub may give errors, or the camera may not be recognized. In such a case, use the USB port directly on the computer.
    3. In Windows, the computer attempts to recognize the camera. Select ‘OK’ when it happens. Macs may automatically start iPhoto, the default photo managing program. You will need to close it and open Olympus Master instead.
    4. Open the Olympus Master software by double clicking on its icon. To download images, click on ‘Transfer Images’ in the ‘Browse’ window, and then click on ‘From Camera’. This will display all images on the camera.
    5. Select ‘New album’ and enter a name or select an existing album.
    6. Select the images you want to transfer and click on ‘Transfer Images’.
    7. To view the downloaded images, click on ‘Browse Images now’.
    8. Once all images have been transferred, ensure the card access lamp on the camera has stopped blinking before you unplug your camera.

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    Using Windows / Mac in-built photo tools

    The second method to download pictures from the Olympus FE-230 digital camera to the computer relies on native picture handling by Windows or Mac:

    1. USB drivers are native in Windows (versions 2000/XP/Vista/ 7) or Mac (version 9 and above). You can directly connect the camera to your PC running any of these operating systems and download images to your computer.
    2. In Windows Vista/7, connect the camera as above and select ‘PC’ when Windows pops up options, as mentioned in Step 2 above.
    3. Select the 'Forward' button and click on ‘MTP’. This opens the photos using Windows Photo Gallery. You can directly save the photos from there.
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    Using a Card Reader

    The final method to download pictures from the Olympus FE-230 digital camera involves the use of a memory card reader:

    1. The Olympus FE-230 digital camera uses an xD card. So ensure your card reader supports xD.
    2. Remove the xD card from the camera and insert in your card reader.
    3. A window pops up, giving you various options, from where you can choose ‘View Files and Folders’.
    4. You can now see all the photos stored in your card. Simply ‘Select’, ‘Copy’ and ‘Paste’ the photos you need to download, in an appropriate folder in your computer.