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Olympus Camera Round Up

written by: Arnold Zafra•edited by: Amy Carson•updated: 5/24/2011

Do your prefer to own an Olympus digital camera for your next point-and-shot camera purchase? We got you covered with seven of the latest and greatest Olympus digital cameras. Find out which of them is the best Olympus camera for you.

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    Olympus VR-320

    olympus vr-320 This slim and stylish Olympus camera is definitely full of features. Because of its small form factor, the VR-320 fits perfectly into a purse. For its specs and features, the VR-320 boasts of 12.5x ultra wide-angle zoom with Magic Art Filters and HD movie recording mode that can be activated via a simple one-touch button. The camera also features dual image stabilization which is a combination of sensor-shift image stabilization with high ISO sensitivity and fast shutter speeds. This allows you to take crisp and clear photos even if your subject is moving. For those who like to experiment on their photo output, you can use the camera's Magic Art Filers including Joining Pop Art, Pin Hole, Drawing, Fish Eye and Soft Focus. Technical specs of the VR-320 include 14.1 MP high resolution CCD sensor, a 3-inch LCD with extra-wide viewing angle, all metal body, intelligent auto settings, AF tracking, face detection, and in-camera help guide. (Price: $199.99)

    Buy the Olympus VR-320.

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    Olympus TG-610

    olympustg610 Want an Olympus camera built to withstand harsh environmental conditions? The Olympus TG-610 is your best bet. This digital camera is waterproof, shockproof and freezeproof. It can withstand water submersion down to 16 feet, fall from up to 5 feet and freezing point of around 14°F/-10°C. When it comes to performance, this Olympus digital camera will not do you wrong as it has a 5x wide-angle optical zoom lens which allows you to get closer to your subjects as well take panoramic sceneries with ease. It also has a one-touch HD video capture button that records 720p HD video easily. This camera also boasts of a 14 MP high-resolution CCD that produces high quality image, a 3-inch LCD with extra-wide viewing angle and anti-glare technology, dual image stabilization, 3D photos underwater, sensor-shift image stabilization and high ISO sensitivity, Wi-Fi compatibility with Eye-Fi memory card, tap control, magic filters and TruePic III+ Image processor. (Price: $299.99)

    Buy the Olympus TG-610.

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    Olympus SZ-10

    olympus sz-10 Here's another ultra-compact and yet powerful Olympus camera, the Olympus SZ-10. This camera has a powerful 18x optical zoom and 3D photo mode which is perfect for taking family photos and sporting events. It also allows you to take HD movies and apply Magic Filters including Punk, Fisheye & Pop Art. The camera is also compatible with the Eye-Fi Wi-Fi memory card. With the camera's 18x wide-angle optical zoom (28-504mm equivalent, it allows you to get closer to the action and take landscape and scenery shots as well. For video recording, you can capture 720p HD movie and project this on a larger display using HDMI port. Another nice feature of this camera is the use of 3D technology that combines two pictures into one cool image with dramatic effects. Other features include - a 14 MP high-resolution CCD, 3-inch LCD, dual image stabilization, in-camera panorama, beauty mode, AF tracking, face detection, and TruePic III+ image processor. (Price: $249.99)

    Buy the Olympus SZ-10.

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    Olympus VR-310

    olympus vr-310 Featuring long zoom and a sleek and compact body, the Olympus VR-310 is a full-featured digital shooter with a big 10x optical zoom. It lets you capture 720p HD movie and boasts of some great features including - magic filter, dual image stabilization, 14MP high-resolution CCD, 10x wide-angle optical zoom, a 3-inch LCD with extra-wide viewing angle, dual image stabilization, intelligent auto, AF tracking, face detection, magic filter, and in-camera help guides. This camera is one of the best valued Olympus camera. ($179.99)

    Buy the Olympus VR-310.

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    Olympus XZ-1

    olympus xz-1 This Olympus camera happens to be extra-special because it is the first digital camera in Olympus' new X-series camera. To describe it simply, Olympus' X-series camera were designed to produce photos which are similar to those produced by SLR camera and yet in a point-and-shoot format. The Olympus XZ-1 features a fast and super bright F1.8 IZUIKO 4x wide-angle lens (28-112mm equivalent in 35mm cameras). This lens provides fast shutter speeds for sharp low-light images. It also allows you to create portrait shots with nice "bokeh." Other technical specs and features of the Olympus XZ-1 include - a 3-inch OLED Monitor, advanced manual controls, built-in pop-up flash for low-light shooting, hot shoe and accessory port, HD movie with HDMI control, TruePIC V Image Processor, high ISO sensitivity, 10MP high-resolution CCD, in-camera art filters, dual image stabilization, live guide control, in-camera panorama, AF live view with AF tracking, advanced face detection, and more. ($499.99)

    Buy the Olympus XZ-1.

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    Olympus TG-310

    olympus TG-310 Here's a toned-down version of the previous TG-610. The Olympus TG-310 is a tough camera that enables you to capture high quality pictures and HD video. This Olympus digital camera is also waterproof, shockproof and freezeproof. It can withstand up to 10 feet water submersion, 5-foot drop, bump or other accidents, and below freezing points of around 14°F/-10°C. Other features of the Olympus TG-310 include 3.6x wide-angle optical zoom, HD video 720p capture, 14 MP high-resolution CCD, 2.7-inch LCD, one-touch HD movie control, dual image stabilization, 3D underwater photos, Wi-Fi compatibility with Eye-Fi memory card, tap control, magic filters and more. ($199.99)

    Buy the Olympus TG-310.

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    Olympus SP610-UZ

    olympus sp610-uz Finally, the last Olympus camera on our list is the SP610-UZ digital camera. Featuring a 22x ultra-zoom wide-angle lens, this will allow you get incredibly close to the subject of your photos. And of course, it's 28mm wide-angle lens will allow you to take great panoramic shots. Like the other Olympus digital camera on our list, the SP610-UZ also features a one-touch HD movie button, magic filter for still photos and movies, Wi-Fi compatibility using Eye-Fi card, and 3D photo stills from macro shots to landscapes. Technical specs of this Olympus digital camera include - a 14 MP CCD sensor, a 3-inch LCD with extra-wide viewing angle, dual image stabilization, in-camera panorama, beauty mode, AF tracking, face detection, and TruePIC III+ image processor. ($229.99)

    Buy the Olympus SP610-UZ.

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    Image credit: Olympus America.