Some Useful Activities Outside the Classroom for Special Needs Children

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Some useful activities

Some of the activities that can be programmed by teachers to enrich the knowledge, deepen the understanding, and heighten the excellence of special needs children are:

  1. Teacher should ask the special students to build or prepare models using some low cost, easily available materials like cardboard, clay, wooden pieces, cloth and paper. This will help them to make use of wasteful things to make something useful. They can be told to make flower pots, gifts for the friends or family members etc. This will give a sense of achievement to them.

  2. Teachers can engage special children in role playing. A small group of special children can be made to act out selected parts from the lesson or about people or some specific events. Other special children can act as observers. It will be interesting for them and makes the special children to experience certain situations that they have studied in their class. Role playing will enhance the learning of special children about eminent members of the society.

  3. Teachers can encourage special children to create their own art work, learning dances and music. Teachers can also organize dramatic performances of special needs children to strengthen confidence among them.

  4. Teachers can persuade special children in the collection and preservation of useful materials like stamps, coins etc. Teachers can also help them to prepare charts for the classroom, cards on different occasions for their friends, relatives, etc. Teachers can organize exhibition of paintings made by special needs students to help them earn pocket money and build up their confidence.

  1. Teachers can assign different responsibilities to special needs children during functions or celebration of different festivals in the school. They can be given the responsibility of serving water; giving bouquets to the guest etc. This act of giving responsibility to the special needs students will make them feel responsible towards the society.

Thus, by arranging some of the activities mentioned in this article, teachers can help special students to make their life more interesting and meaningful. These activities can also increase self esteem among special needs students.