Special Talents in Special Children

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Tips for Teachers to Recognize Special Talents in Special Children

It is not necessary that all children are good at the same skill. Some children possess special talents in music, painting, writing, or creative arts and are able to show them, provided proper care and guidance is given. Every step taken by teachers to help them to continue in the areas of special interest will become a motivational dose to achieve great things in their lives.

Enriched environments suitable to their special needs of interest can give them support in developing their talents to the highest level. These special children need proper care, encouragement, enriched instructions, independent study projects, scope for proper adjustment and opportunities for enhancing their talents.

If the special talents of these special children are not recognized, it will block their thinking ability, which can cause maladjustment problems leading to a negative influence on their life. Thus it is very important that the uniqueness of their ability must be inventively promoted to the best possible extent.

Teachers can recognize special talents with the help of distinctive performances by these students. They generally show self-directed behaviors and need more choices to decide about their field of learning.

Teachers can identify special talents in children by organizing talent exhibition programs or talent search examinations. Regular competitions should be arranged to find special talents among the students. These tests and exhibitions can help a teacher to distinguish children with special talents from other children.

Their ingenuity and creativity should get more encouragement, guidance and opportunities to make them more superior. Teachers should be able to carefully distinguish these children with special talents from other children. If teachers are not well equipped and prepared to recognize the special needs of such children, they can experience adjustment problems, which further can create psychological problems in them. Personalized teaching with upgraded instructions and effective teaching programs that fit their special needs can enable such children to be greatly benefited.