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Diverse Careers Paths for MBA Graduates

written by: Lashan Clarke•edited by: SForsyth•updated: 7/24/2010

There are many MBA career paths available for the graduate looking to explore career options. These career paths include finance manager, MIS manager, and entrepreneur.

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    An Overview Of MBA Career Paths

    Deciding what to do with an MBA can be a daunting task, but there are so many career options available for someone pursuing a Masters of Business Administration degree to consider. The completion of a full degree can open the graduate to pursue MBA career paths such as a Finance Manager, Head of Marketing, MIS Manager, or starting up a business.

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    Using an MBA degree to become an entrepreneur is one of the most exciting MBA career paths to consider. Unlike some people that start a business without any formal training, someone with an MBA will have been taught the necessary concepts of business administration. This would be a great way to use the knowledge learned in MBA courses such as accounting or finance.

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    Health Care Manager

    More people with MBA degrees are looking for work within the healthcare industry. This career path is not only for working in hospitals, but can also be utilized in management areas such as pharmaceutical companies, biomedical firms, and private laboratories.

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    Human Resources Manager

    This is not one of the first MBA career paths that someone might think of using an MBA. Becoming a human resources manager of director is a career choice to consider for someone who is organized and enjoys improving the workplace by improving its staff. The job role of an HR director would involve the recruitment, hiring, and training of the company’s employees.

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    Marketing Manager

    Becoming a marketing director or a marketing manager is one way of ensuring that you will be in demand. The field of marketing is better suited for someone who likes both a fast-paced, but also a creative environment. Someone who has a first degree in public relations or advertising might enjoy a career path as a marketing director.

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    Manager of Information Systems

    The manager or director of an information systems department will be highly sought after by a company or business looking to improve the technical area of the business. This career path is geared towards anyone with an Information Technology background. Even within this career path there are a variety of specialties such as systems, networks, and infrastructure. The Information Systems Manager with an MBA can be employed in almost any sector that requires the utilization of information technology.

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    Finance Director

    This MBA career path is quite stable, and should be consider for anyone looking for a career that deals with financial reporting. Using an MBA, the graduate is able to work in the area of accounts or finance within a company such as an investment firm. This career path is recommended for anyone who enjoys helping a company improve the financial aspect of a business. This job role is quite popular for MBA graduates as it may be a path within a company that leads to a secure job and a comfortable lifestyle.