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Southwestern Assemblies of God University Online

written by: Willa•edited by: Jacqueline Chinappi•updated: 11/8/2009

This review on Southwestern Assemblies of God University's Distance Education provides information for the student who wishes to earn an online Christian degree from a reputable online Christian university. Let's look a the cost of the program, accreditation and types of online degrees available.

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    About Southwestern Assemblies of God

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    Since 1943, Southwestern Assemblies of God University, located in Waxahachie, Texas, offers a Christian based learning facility to individuals wanting to prepare for the ministry. Today, this established institution makes it possible for students and busy adults to earn an online degree while studying at home or the office through their distance education program.

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    Online Christian Degrees Offered

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    Southwestern Assemblies of God University offers an undergraduate degree program completely online. Students learn through a combination of audio/video media and the personal guidance of an instructor or professor. The program includes A.S. degrees in Business Administration, General Business, Accounting, Management, Marketing, and Psychology degrees. In the area of Church Ministries, the student can obtain an A.A. degree in Bible, Children and Family Ministries, Church Ministries, Counseling, Pastoral, Theological Studies, Youth and Student Ministries and World Ministries. In the area of Communications an A.A. degree in English is offered. Bachelor's degrees in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Human Services, and History may also be earned.

    Graduate degree programs such as Counseling, Psychology, Education, History, Theological Studies and Children and Family Ministries are available for continuing studies.

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    Financial Information

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    The reasonable cost of $399 per credit hour of studying online, with the help of available scholarships, grants and financial aide offered, allows the student or working adult an affordable opportunity to further their education.

    Depending on the online degree program students may earn experiential credit by registering for the available course during the first semester. Upon completion the portfolio evaluation will then be determined by a committee of SAGU faculty members. Excluded from this course are students who are Education majors, Graduate students and all A.A. degree programs.

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    The university has the accreditation of the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. It also holds membership in numerous organizations.

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    The Benefits

    As a student with future involvement in the area of ministry or the adult currently working in this field, the benefits of obtaining a higher education through distance learning, makes it possible to earn a degree from this Christian university with programs that focus on the ministry. This provides a possible increase in earnings, but mostly a wealth of knowledge needed for ministering to others.

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