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Online Master Program

Marygrove College offers an online masters degree, the Master in the Art of Teaching (MAT), for working teachers. In addition, the outcomes for classes are now aligned with the five core propositions of the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards.

Keep Working and Attend Class

One of the biggest draws for me to complete the Marygrove program was that I would not have to attend class and be away from my children. I did most of my work independently when I had time, which was usually when my children slept. I met with my cohorts to complete discussions at a local church. We cheered each other on to finish the program when we were so tired from the daily grind of teaching and caring for our families. Being part of a group was definitely a plus.

Online Format

Technology has allowed the long distance learning program to dramatically change from when I received my degree in 2000. When I started my master degree, the Internet was just beginning to be popular. All of my work was sent by mail. In addition, my group had to record group discussions on cassette tapes. Does anyone even own a cassette player anymore? And, of course, completing the Professional Educator’s Portfolio and Capstone Project in lieu of a thesis paper was a great reflection of what I had learned.

Now, teachers can collaborate with a cohort locally or online. There is an online discussion format where teachers can now work collaboratively instead of physically meeting with a group.

Distinct Master Programs

Marygrove now offers four distinct online MAT programs, which are through Teachscape. There are 10 core courses and six specialty courses. In the past, there was just one MAT program. Now, teachers can specialize their masters program to fit their needs. Teachers can receive the following:

  • MAT in Elementary Reading and Literacy for grades K-6

  • MAT in Elementary Math for grades K-5

  • MAT in Middle School Math for grades 6-8

  • Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment for grades K-12

The distinct programs and the online discussion format are new; however, I am sure that the practicality of the programs for a working teacher has not. Most of what is learned can be used in the classroom the next day. I believe that is a major strength of the Marygrove MAT program.