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Tips on Cutting Costs of Online and Traditional Schools Tuition

written by: Daniel Brecht•edited by: Jacqueline Chinappi•updated: 2/10/2010

So you are in need of money for school, or at least looking for ways to help with tuition costs, huh? Well, you are in luck! This article provides some insight on how to off-set school costs as well as the names of some affordable schools.

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    Discussing Tuition Costs

    The question of how much it will cost a student to go to school is on many minds. Many students who want to continue their studies find it hard to afford them, as they are on or have a small budget. For this reason, these students look for ways to offset tuition costs.

    Tuition costs normally include:

    (1) technology fees, (2) purchasing books or other course material fees, (3) lodging and parking fees (for on-campus students)

    Note: Students can save time and money by eLearning. There is no need to travel to the school (so that saves on gas for the car) and there are no lodging or car parking fees to be paid.

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    How to Cut Tuition Costs

    Here are some ways to cut tuition costs...

    (1) Take online courses to save money. For details, see: How to Save Money With an Online Elearning Degree

    (2) Take cheap course to earn college credit. For details, see: About StraighterLine and Earning Cheap College Credits

    (3) Take cheap college level courses offered by the ALEKS program, see: How to Use ALEKS for Online College Credit

    (4) Check with your university to see if they accept credits earned by examination (CLEP, for example) and test for subjects you already know.

    (5) Have the school evaluate any prior work experience or schooling previously completed to see if any college credits can be awarded--this saves time and money!

    Cutting Cost Comparison: On-campus vs. Off-campus

    Being off-campus and taking courses by means of Distance Education (D.E.) is usually seen as a less expensive alternative to studying on campus; thus, avoiding transportation and housing costs, etc.

    Save Money for Schooling: First of all, prospective students should save money for college or apply for low-interest/payment deferred education loans; Secondly, become familiar with the 529 college savings plans ( Check with the school to see if there are any financial assistance or support provided or accepted. Grants (private, state, or federal) are good options, as are scholarships, so apply!

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    Inexpensive Online Schools and Courses

    Another way to cut tuition costs is to find schools that are not expensive, right?

    Affordable Schools

    • Ashworth College has affordable payment options. They offer low monthly payments and interest-free tuition options.

    Loans Offered:

    Interest-free monthly tuition. DANTES reimbursement available

    • Grand Canyon University is affordable.

    Average Cost per Credit:

    $415 per credit hour for undergraduate programs and $440 per credit hour for graduate programs.

    • Allied Schools has affordable, high-quality courses. Financial assistance is available.

    Scholarships Offered:

    SLM financing available on selected course programs.

    At the bachelor's level, students who are interested in an online degree that is very affordable, should see

    The Cheapest Online Baccalaureate in the World

    At the graduate level, students who are interested in schools that are Nationally Accredited should see Schools Offering Inexpensive Nationally Accredited Online Graduate Degree Programs

    Cutting Cost Comparison: Regionally Accredited Schools vs. Nationally Accredited Schools

    "There are a few nationally accredited schools that are extremely inexpensive, and that low tuition rate can be enticing. However, there are also regionally accredited bargains out there for those who do their research." [1]

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    Sources, Schools, and Useful Websites


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