A Student's Guide to Obtaining a PhD in Social Psychology Online

A Student's Guide to Obtaining a PhD in Social Psychology Online
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Social psychology uses scientific methods to explain and understand how the feeling, thought, and behavior of a person is influenced by the imagined, actual, or implied presence of other people. Students pursuing a PhD in Social Psychology online will study a variety of social topics, such as group behavior, prejudice and aggression, social perception, nonverbal behavior, leadership, and conformity.

Required Courses

All online PhD in Social Psychology courses will have a different curriculum depending on the student’s desired specialty and interests. Courses often include motivation and self-regulation, social cognition and attitudes, personality/relationships/social development, organizations/groups/societies, and courses in statistics.

Average Completion Time

Completing this degree online typically takes two to three years. However, certain factors may lead to it taking more than three years. Such factors can include financial resources, current job, and dependents.

Top Online Schools

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Capella University offers this degree online in which students can specialize in social psychology. Their program consists of 120 quarter hours and students can transfer up to fifty quarter credits. Each credit is $460.00 and the comps/diss quarter fee is $2,495.00.

Possible Careers

This degree will allow students to work in a variety of settings, such as educational institutions, corporations, hospitals, non-profit organizations, and for the government. Many perform research or teach on the college level. Other possible career paths include private consulting, marketing directors, political strategists, managers, and technology designers.

Career Outlook

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Sociologists earn an average of $60,290.00 annually. The average annual salary among other popular social psychology career paths is $62,895.00. Social psychologists with a PhD working for the federal government can make an average annual salary of $52,912.00.

Why is It Better to Obtain This Degree Online?

Pursuing a PhD in Social Psychology online allows students to keep their current career while taking the opportunity to advance it. Student’s will also be able to keep up with their social, family, and other responsibilities.


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