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Considering a Career in Sports Medicine? Online Degrees Are Available

written by: Akili Amina•edited by: Sarah Malburg•updated: 12/10/2011

Are you interested in studying sports medicine, but aren't able to find a way to fit a traditional program into your current lifestyle? You may want to look into online options for obtaining a bachelor's degree in this field.

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    Sports Medicine Career Options

    sports The sports medicine field consists of the several sciences that involve the treatment and prevention of injuries that may be sports related. The care of sports team players is vital to the health of professional sports clubs and their chances at winning. It is important to keep the team in the best shape possible. It is also important for both the team and the player as an individual. As a player who has suffered some type of injury, you may be in rehabilitation and will need to consult with a sports medicine graduate.

    You would need someone with this type of degree and training to get you on the road to recovery. People with sports medicine degrees are those who are trained in many areas including massage therapy, sports nutrition, and fitness teaching along with the physiology of exercise. This profession is centered around the health and nutrition of the human body.

    Their training requires them to have a degree in sports medicine, but that may not be all. The sports doctor who is fully licensed as a physician will still need more training in sports medicine. You would also need to ensure that you have a license for the state that you actually practice in as well as state certification. A sports trainer has to have a four-year degree in sports medicine along with state certification, too.

    It is also not uncommon to be required to fulfill an internship before you actually receive your degree. The terms of your internship would be outlined by your school but usually include you working with a team professional who would report your efforts to your sports medicine program at your school.

    If we were to take a closer look at the job of the sports trainer, we would discover that basic job duties include working under the supervision of the team's doctor in caring for the players. The sports trainer will develop routine treatment programs for those that are injured and injury prevention techniques for those who aren't. They may also work with other team members to provide the diet and nutrition choices for the players.

    Whenever there is injury, it is the sports trainer that is usually a go-between for the athlete and all others – such as the doctor, the athlete's family and the coach. They are very capable individuals who work in different types of settings like college level teams, high school teams or a sports medicine clinic.

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    What Does a Sports Trainer Do?

    As a sports trainer, your salary range is said to average out somewhere near $59,000 depending on what company and area you work in [1]. You can expect to be offered a benefits package that may include a pension plan, insurance and vacation with pay.

    Statistics show that 89.5% of these professionals have a retirement plan, and 94% have medical insurance. A large portion of these jobs offer their employees medical/dental plans as well. You should expect to work at least forty hours a week, and you may be given increases or bonuses yearly.

    The job outlook for sports trainers is one that is awesomely bright. According to a survey taken in 2008 by the National Athletic Trainers Association titled Salary Survey Shows Pay Scale on the Rise, salaries for those who work as sports trainers have been steadily increasing since 2005. The article concludes that this field is, in fact, one that's growing and that the need for such professionals is on an upward tick.

    Sports trainers will be around as long as there are collegiate teams that need to keep their players in optimum condition. They will be around as long as there are professional leagues in baseball, football, basketball, and other professional sports. Sports trainers are the players that work in the background and aren't the ones who receive the public glory, but they are just as important.

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    Earning a Sports Medicine Degree Online

    The education of a sports trainer usually consists of them attending a four-year college and obtaining a degree in sports medicine. They will also need to get certified by the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA). But, due to the fact that so many schools have evolved with the Internet and that the classroom has become virtual, you can actually get your bachelor's degree online in the field of sports medicine.

    American Public University offers a Bachelor of Science in Sports and Health Sciences. This school assures those who graduate from their school with a bachelor's degree will have a solid foundation in management principles for this field. They also offer classes such as athletic performance, coaching, sports management and pre-sports medicine along with concepts in operations and maintenance of sports/recreational facilities. APU provides its students a strong foundation upon which to stand on while entering the field of sports science.

    The United States Sports Academy is another online school that offers students a chance to earn a bachelor's degree in sports science. This school is unique in that its online students have to complete what is called a "mentorship." You must finish 400 study hours in your chosen field of sport. You, as the student, will have to choose your mentor who will fill out monthly reports on your progress along with a final evaluation. This is an awesome feature in that you will have plenty of experience once you have your obtained your degree.

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