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Get Your Geology Degree Online

written by: Akili Amina•edited by: Sylvia Cochran•updated: 6/27/2009

This article gives you information about the job description, salary outlook, and ancillary facts needed to get started in the field of geology. Moreover, learn about getting your geology degree online, starting right now.

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    What Is The Career Outlook For Geology?


    Are you someone who is intrigued by the earth's crust or the numerous layers that make up its whole? If so, you may be a perfect candidate for the field of geology. Geologists study rocks and the earth’s structures, and they are passionate about the planet and its history. Geologists are a rare breed in that they are professionals, who don't mind working alone out in the field or in the laboratory doing research. These professionals study the earth and all of its wonders.

    They also keep a watchful eye on any active volcanoes or earthquake activity. Geologists are much sought after when there has been some unexplained phenomenon concerning the planet's shifts or underground changes. They are the professionals, who help us find new resources or teach us about our past, through their understanding of rocks or fossils.

    The job outlook is positive and entry level salaries may start at around $41,513 and go up to $66,070. [3] Since they are the professionals, who constantly do much needed research to keep us abreast of what we should do to protect our environment, they will continue to be in demand.

    Geologists also work for private industries, such as the gas and oil companies, by studying the environment from which the company is receiving its resources. Some geologists may also study the oceans for any changes that occur or for the sake of predicting the impact of weather patterns to better protect the earth's inhabitants.

    They theorize on scenarios that may or may not happen, but are surely interesting to know. Great examples to check out are the shows on the Science Channel. They have an awesome channel lineup with shows like "Hot Rocks: the Geology of Civilization". This show is hosted by Scottish geologist, Iain Stewart, who says in his biography:

    "My research is focused on a broad area of Earth hazards and natural disasters, specifically identifying major earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions that have occurred in the recent past (the last 10,000 years). I do most of my fieldwork in the Mediterranean region, and many of my studies are linked with those being done in geography, archaeology and ancient history." [1]

    If you have interests and passions in this field, why not join others in this highly desirable field by studying online? A distance education takes you right where you want to be as a geologist.

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    Job Titles and Schools

    With a geology degree online, you may qualify to work as an environmental consultant, engineer, volcanologist, mining or petroleum geologist, or even a geophysicist. [2]

    Professionals, who would like to know more about this field and its history, or who want to remain on the cutting edge of the newest in developments for those who are a part of the geology field, should know about an organization founded in 1968, called 'The Geological Society of America'. This is a non profit organization that is keeping its fingers on the pulse of the field and any advancement in the study of geo-sciences.

    Earning a geology degree online should be done at schools that are accredited, and which aid you in your studies of the geo-sciences. They provide you the education and flexibility that all online schools afford. This flexibility consists of not having to build your schedule around your school's closing and opening times. Your college education online is right at your fingertips at all times, when you opt for a distance education in geology.

    Charter Oak State College offers their students a chance to earn a bachelor in geology. This school allows you to earn your degree along with offering you 36 more hours of training that is needed specifically for geology. Your total in earned college credits, upon completion, will be at least 120. The school is accredited through the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. This school was established in 1973 and prides itself on providing their students with an alternative way of earning their degrees.

    The University of Maryland University College is a great school. I was accepted to this school and I can say from experience that they are very supportive when it comes to helping their newest students. It offers prospective geology students the chance to minor in natural sciences. The coursework lineup for natural science consists of: introduction to physical science, physical science laboratory application, concepts of meteorology, laboratory in meteorology applications, laboratory organization and management, environmental change and sustainability, and a host of other special topics.

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