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Guide to Free Child Care Classes Online

written by: Kathy Foust•edited by: Sylvia Cochran•updated: 9/26/2009

Whether you are just looking for early childhood education courses online, or you are looking for a way to take free child care classes, this is the right article for you. Read further to see why you should take child development classes online!

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    The Need for Child Care

    As the American family evolves, more and more families have both parents working. This creates a need for an increase in child care centers. Not only is the amount of children in childcare increasing, but so is the interest in the quality of child care. Quality childcare facilities require their employees to be educated in the field of childcare and early childhood development. Not only is this better for the children, but it also allows the facility to show a high level of commitment to their children by employing a highly trained and educated staff.

    So, in such a receding economy, how can one afford to pay for child care classes as well as pay their own bills? The government has seen the need for those in the child care community to have some assistance in paying for the education required of this field. Let us explore about funding sources that will help to pay for child development classes, even online!

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    Project TEACH

    Project TEACH is a program dedicated to the development of educational fields. Which is to say, they do their best to manage funds that the government doles out to them for the purpose of creating higher standards of training in various fields of education, such as early childhood development. The funds come from the federal government and are managed on a state by state basis through Project TEACH. That being the case, the details of Project TEACH may vary a bit from state to state. However, the goals remain the same.

    Project TEACH will award grants to those seeking to attend classes for child care development.The financial aid office of your school will tell you whether or not they participate in Project TEACH. If so, they offer the paperwork necessary to apply for a Project TEACH scholarship.

    Project TEACH makes no distinction between online and traditional courses, as long as the institution in question is qualified to accept federal funds. Generally speaking, a school must be accredited to accept federal funds. Schools -- such as the one found at -- offer CDAs online, but are not able to participate in federal programs. Be sure to speak with your financial aid advisor to find out if the school participates in federal programs and if they specifically participate in Project TEACH, especially since some schools, like Ivy Tech Community College, participate in the Pell grant program but not in Project TEACH.

    Project TEACH requires that those requesting funds from them work in a child care setting or own a childcare. If Project TEACH awards funds to the individual, they will generally cover 80% of the cost of tuition and books. Chances are that Pell grants will cover the rest and there will still be some money left over! Those receiving funds from Project TEACH who also own a daycare will be asked to keep the daycare open and certified (or licensed) for 2 years from the time the funds are dispersed.

    Try looking at a community college for early childhood education courses online. While they may not have an online degree listed for it, generally you can take all your general education requirements online and also some of the childcare classes. Schools like Kaplan offer the entire Early Childhood Education program online. Also, before taking online courses, be sure to assess whether or not online learning is right for you. It may be that some courses work better for you in person and some online, so be sure to check your options!

    Whether you want to complete your childhood development classes online or you just want to take some early childhood education courses on the Internet, remember that you can maximize your earning potential in this field by using the convenience of childhood development classes online.