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Capella University’s Information Technology Doctoral Degree Online

written by: SeemaAdnani•edited by: Sarah Malburg•updated: 5/28/2010

Capella University is amongst the initiators of advanced quality degree programs online. Obtaining a doctorate degree in information technology with this university can secure you a prosperous career path. Read on to make a choice amongst a number of goal focused online doctoral programs.

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    A Sneak Peak

    Capella University has significantly contributed in publicizing the benefits of online learning by offering a number of information technology degrees online. Apart from bachelors and masters degrees in the field, interested individuals can also enroll in Capella University's Doctoral Degree in Technology & IT. It is certainly the right combination of a reputed university and the one of most rewarding online degree programs to give the required boost to your career. Let us look at the four different doctoral degree online programs that this accredited university offers. Here's the icing on the cake; the three one-week advanced colloquia is offered by the university to impart proficiency in the online learners in each of these four courses.

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    PhD in Information and Technology - Information Technology Education

    IT professionals, who want to pursue advanced career options as postsecondary teachers or consultants, can choose this option with Capella University. This specialization has been reviewed as one of the top two career options after finishing your doctoral course. The benefit of pursuing this program online with this university is that you are awarded with a Post-Master's Certificate in College Teaching, along with the PhD. This specialization has an advanced curriculum covering in-depth analysis, research, critical thinking and skill development which could be of use to students intending to be IT instructors or consultants.

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    PhD in Information Technology – General

    This doctoral degree online program is appropriate if you are yet to choose some specific career goal in the field of information technology. From network design to information security, you can choose a particular option and expect a vertical growth in your earning potential. Higher faculty position, consultant, researcher and many other exciting profiles can be achieved with this program.

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    PhD in Information Technology - Information Assurance and Security

    This is an eligible online degree in information technology, which allows you to join high-profile military and educational organizations, along with some of the reputed private and government sector organizations. You can build up skill set in various fields like information confidentiality, integrity, compliance and risk management. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the National Security Agency have designated Capella University a National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education (CAEIAE). This information assurance specialization extends ten $5,000 scholarships to students.


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    PhD in Information Technology - Project Management

    This specialized doctoral degree online with Capella University can make you capable of serving project management needs of various high-profile organizations. IT project manager jobs are reputed, secure and highly paying; and this particular program can make you capable of grabbing these types of job opportunities. This is something to really keep in mind and take note of.

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    Accredited by North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, Capella University is the right choice to earn a doctoral degree online. Offering high-caliber education at inexpensive costs is the motive served by the university in the form of an online degree in information technology and other fields as well.