An Accelerated Online MBA from Baker College

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Exploring the Baker College Accelerated MBA Program

Imagine earning a bachelor’s and concurrently a master’s level degree in only five short years. The accelerated MBA program that is currently being pioneered by Baker College makes it possible to their undergraduate students. Students enrolled in the management, hospitality management, marketing, and human resources management programs on an undergraduate degree track are eligible to apply for this groundbreaking MBA program.

Baker College advises students that the undergraduate leg of their education may be completed on campus as well as via their online education department, or – if the student prefers – with the help of a combination of distance learning and on campus class attendance opportunities. The graduate portion of this accelerated MBA program is strictly through online classes, making this especially convenient to students who are already working in their fields.

Advantages of the Accelerated MBA

In addition to the financial savings associated with the accelerated MBA from Baker College – after all, there is no longer a need to invest in four years of undergraduate studies and another two years for graduate work – students who participate in the online classes also have the benefit of getting to work in their chosen fields sooner. This puts them onto the career track way ahead of their competitors who are still attending class when Baker College students are finishing up their accelerated MBA program and competitively present themselves to companies and hiring managers.

How to Apply to the MBA Program

First-time enrollees are encouraged to notate their wish to participate in the accelerated MBA program at the time that they apply for acceptance to Baker College’s undergraduate programs. Once the initial quarter of the junior year of college is completed, students may switch over to the accelerated program.

Since virtually all classes are available at the college online, this degree is one of the first accelerated BBA/MBA combinations available for distance learning participants and those who enjoy an arrangement of on campus and off campus classwork. Combine this fast track to a higher education with the latest “Trends in E-learning: Mobile Learning in an Online Course” – as outlined in an article by Bright Hub’s own Laurie Patsalides – and graduation will come sooner than you can imagine.