Why Pursue Public Health Online Graduate Programs?

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Why Pursue a Graduate Program in Public Health Online?

It is common for people to experience some fear and anxiety when making decisions on investing time and money into a graduate degree. We search for fields that will support our future career goals as well as the changes we may experience in our personal lives, career direction and professional growth.

With a struggling economy we also have to focus even more on the security of various job markets. These are the walls that many people hit when attempting to return to school for a graduate program. These legitimate concerns and issues keep us from taking that next step.

One graduate degree that holds security and broad opportunity are public health online graduate programs. Public Health has become the most sought out degrees within the health field. The man made and natural disasters our nation has experienced in recent years has yielded federal support and demand for jobs in public health. It has blazed new positions that are in high and urgent demand.

Public Health is also popular due to its diverse practices. Practices within this field have a common goal of improving and protecting the health of communities through the use of education, research, promotion and prevention. This program is diverse and dynamic as it supports a plethora of educational backgrounds which can include; teachers, social workers, laboratory scientists, attorneys and journalists. It is geared for individuals who seek opportunities of fulfillment in improving the lives and wellbeing of others.

Significant achievements in this field were experienced in the 20th century. The average life expectancy was increased, communicable diseases were reduced while some eliminated, and child mortality was reduced drastically on a global level. This was accomplished through the collaborative efforts of all dimensions of Public Health.

These goals were achieved through skilled epidemiologists conducting research and analysis of patterns of illness and their relationship to demographics and culture. This information was used by public educators in designing health promotional programs and campaigns to height awareness and influence change. This support assisted policy-makers to make permanent change through inflicting rules, laws and regulations that continue to protect our future generations. Each of these roles was within the Public Health Sector.

Let’s move on to the next article in the series, a review of online programs offering Master Degrees in Public Health as well as tips on how to choose the right online program for you. The articles will provide you with enough information to possibly inspire you to take that next step with a confident stride.

By: Kimberly Roberts, MPH