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Useful Quick-Tips on How to Be a Good Online Student

written by: Akili Amina•edited by: Sarah Malburg•updated: 6/28/2011

Here are some helpful tips for students beginning an online course who want to be successful and accomplish their goals!

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    Here are four quick tips that can help anyone who is new to studying online. These tips will be useful to someone who needs to know how to be a good student.

    Tip One: Read every document within your syllabus within the first five days of your online course. This is usually the time to begin introducing yourself to your classmates and instructor. This is also a great time to start asking questions concerning the expectations you read from the syllabus. You want to know what is expected of you, if it isn't clear in the documents given.

    Tip Two: Be consistent in the amount of time you take to read and study. Every week you will be expected to read a chunk of pages from your textbook. I found that if I can get my reading done every Sunday or Sunday night, my week went a lot smoother.

    Tip Three: Try not to get behind in your classwork, if possible try to stay on course or ahead. Some online learning programs move at an advanced rate, missing one week is like missing two in a traditional classroom.

    Tip Four: Make it a habit of checking your email at least once per day, even if you are traveling. Your email is the main form of correspondence between you and your instructor. You want to keep tabs on your progress in your studies.

    These are the habits I used for each and every class within the online degree program I chose. You will find some things that work for you and are unique to your style of learning and life. It is best to adjust to the routine of online learning by not letting one day go by without you checking the forums and the success of your work overall. The forums are a great way to review what you have learned and they may have a discussion or two that you might learn from.

    Use these quick tips and you are well on your way to being the best!