Interactive Spanish Classroom Activity: Get Students Practicing Months, Days and the Date in Spanish

Teaching your students how to say the date in Spanish is just the start of many more teaching opportunities. They'll get plenty of practice using numbers, plus the names of days, months, and holidays. Here's how to get your students started forming and pronouncing sentences to express the date in Spanish.

Before class, draw four straight vertical lines and ten horizontal lines on a sheet of standard paper, creating fifty-five equal rectangles.

Now write ten dates on the board, in Spanish. Spell out each number and month. For example, if the first date you picked was 3/12/1990, you'd write "el doce de marzo del año mil novecientos noventa." Once you've written ten dates on the board, write the numerals that represent each date on the paper grid you drew out. For the example date given above you'd write “3” in one box, “12” in another box and “1990” in a third box. Do this for each date on the board.

Make about twenty copies of your paper grid, which is now filled with dates. (There may be a few empty squares on the sheet–that's fine.) When class begins, break your students into groups of two or three. Each group gets a copy of the grid sheet and a pair of scissors. Have them cut out each rectangle with a number in it. (If you have time, or if you have a student assistant, you can cut these numbers out ahead of time and place them in an envelope.) You'll probably want to revisit this concept during future classes, so you can even laminate the numbers to make a class set.

Have each group spread the numbers out across their desks. Their task is to look at the dates written out on the board, then use the numbers in front of them to form the same dates. They'll work together as they figure out which numbers go with the words for which months, days and years. Once each group has put the numerals together to represent the ten dates you wrote out, you can check their work. Asking the students to read off the dates on the board (point at any of the dates and ask “¿Cuál es la fecha de hoy?”) reinforces the lesson, giving them a chance to practice reading, listening and speaking. This activity is appropriate for middle school and up.


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