Interactive Spanish Classroom Activity: A Spanish Pronunciation Exercise for the Entire Class

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In your Spanish classroom you will want to have your students working on their Spanish pronunciation as often as possible. Written exercises can be done at home, but speaking activities work best in class. This activity gets students working in groups while concentrating on pronouncing Spanish words correctly.

On a piece of paper write out ten sentences using the vocabulary and grammar from the lesson you are currently on. Number each sentence and print out about seven copies. Explain to the class that they will be working with the students in their row. The first person in the row will receive the piece of paper that has the sentences you wrote. His job is to read the sentence you assign to the row, turn the paper over to hide the answers and whisper it to the student behind him. Only this first student is allowed to read the sentence. The second student listens to the sentence until he has it and he whispers it to the next student behind him. This continues until the last person in the row. At this point this last student in the row is to tell you what the sentence is. So you are in the back of the room waiting for the different rows to finish and then listening for accuracy. You should have a copy of the sentences with you.

You will need to assign each row a different sentence so they can’t cheat off each other. Tell the first row to start with sentence one and the second row to start with sentence two and so on. Each row must attempt all ten sentences. As you listen to the last person in each row recite their sentences you can keep score. The group with the most correct sentences is the winner. Since you will have to listen to many different students reciting their sentences at different times you’ll need to explain to the class that you only have a few seconds to listen. If you class is really big you can have that last student write the sentences on a separate piece of paper that can be graded later.

This activity involves all of the students and gets everyone participating. There is peer pressure to work your hardest to pronounce the words correctly. Your class will have fun with this. It can be used from middle school until high school.