Homeschool Math Curriculum- Advice for Homeschooling Parents

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I have to admit that when I ordered Modern Curriculum Press Mathematics Level C I had not ever seen it before. I bought it because I was planning on using the Christian Liberty Press program called CLASS. CLASS stands for Christian Liberty Academy School Systems. CLASS is a great way for you to have accountability when homeschooling and transcripts are provided. The problem is that you must use the curriculum that they specify to use. One is the Modern Curriculum Press Mathematics Level C.

My daughter and I found the course to be extremely boring which made my daughter become apathetic toward doing Math everyday. The book is colorless and does not have characters or themes in it. It is just page after page of math problems to solve. This may be alright for high school kids, but it doesn’t impress younger students. Younger students need real life examples and demonstrations to understand mathematical concepts. They need to visualize the mathematical concept in order for it to sense. This book does not provide visualization at all.

The course my daughter and I have returned to again and again is called Math 4 for Christian Schools. This course has color and exciting adventures with a man and his pet. There is a theme throughout the whole book and it comes with a detailed teacher’s guide. Modern Curriculum Press Mathematics Level C completely lacks a proper teacher’s manual, which is vital for the homeschooling parent.

Does the book cover all of the topics necessary for the grade? Yes, it does. If you want this inexpensive curriculum and your child does not mind solving math after math problem, then he or she may not be bored by it. The student will not get behind in his or her work, if willing to use the book daily. It had become an argument with my daughter. I really had to encourage her to complete the math page for the day. I realized that her education was more important than the argument and purchased the math curriculum that she was enthusiastic about, which had color and excitement on the pages of the workbook.


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