Review of 46 Science Fair Projects for the Evil Genius by Bob Bonnet and Dan Keen. Published by McGraw Hill.

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46 Science Fair Projects for the Evil Genius is written by Bob Bonnet and Dan Keen and published by McGraw Hill. The 46 science projects presented in this book are all unique and perfect for using in competitive science fair competitions.

Each project gives an entry category that you could possibly classify your project under. If your teacher tells you that your project must fall under environmental science then you would look though the book under the entry categories until you find the ones that are classified as environmental science. Some other classifications are Chemistry, Botany, Earth Science, BioChemistry, Zoology, Microbiology, Physics, Engineering, Medicine and Health, Behavioral and Social, and Math and Computers.

Next the project lists an overview of the experiment. The overview tells you why you would want to do the project and presents you with the question you will want to solve by doing the experiment.

You are then presented with a hypothesis. A hypothesis is basically a guess of what you think is going to happen and what you expect your outcome to be. Sometimes your hypothesis will be correct, and other times you will be proven wrong. Either way you will learn.

A list of materials is provided for you which might help you decide which experiment you want to do. If the list looks to expensive to get together you can always choose a different one within your entry category.

The next category is the procedure. You are to follow this category to the T if you want accurate results. Remember that the authors are experts in this field. Read the procedures a few time before you attempt the project.

You are then encouraged to write down your results in a notebook and comment with a conclusion. Your conclusion should tell whether your hypothesis was correct or not.

As a bonus each of the projects have a “Something More” category. These are tips that you can use to take the project even furher.

I give this book a thumbs up. It has everything a student needs to excel at their science fair. With 46 projects they can use the book again year after year and never repeat an experiment.


46 Science Fair Projects for the Evil Genius